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The BEST Stella McCartney Bags

Let’s tae a look at the best Stella McCartney Bags

MONNIER FRÈRES  have a beautifully curated selection of accessories online, and I could browse their site for hours. Oh it is truly such an elegant online store.

My heart has been won however by their fabulous selection of Stella McCartney bags

Let me show you some of my favourites for Stella McCartney’s bag collection and tell you why I love them! They make me swoon they are so perfect.

Stella McCartney Bags


The falabella

The crossbody Falabella has three iconic chains and is this season’s must-have from Stella McCartney.

As ever it is ethical down to the finest detail, created in sky blue faux leather embroidered with ice creams. It is funky, cool and quirky and it screams summer don’t you?

I have to say I do think Stella has very cool values. I have been a vegetarian since I was 11 and I do not wear any leather so her products are perfect for me.

It can be just so difficult to find great looking and great quality bags that are Vegetarian friendly.


The BEST Stella McCartney Bags

A vegetarian activist, the designer is known for advocating a world of more responsible fashion and in step with the requirements of the moment. She refuses to use leather, fur or other raw material of animal origin and uses organic cotton

Completely different but still very cool is this eco Nylon bag also by Stella. I love the colour, the practical size and of course the eco credentials.

This is made from recycled nylon and for those of us with kids it’s functionality is much appreciated!

I do love to have nice bag, I live in a bit of a uniform of breton stripes and skinny jeans with the occasional white shirt or t-shirt thrown in. This isn’t because I lack imagination but because I am busy, busy, busy so easy co-ordination is really helpful.

I do like to jazz things up with shoes and bags though!

Stella McCartney Bags

Alter nappa bucket

The Stella bag of my dreams is the Textured Alter Nappa Bucket. It would last season after season and is a real, timeless classic. This would be such an investment. Designed with real craftsmanship, this sophisticated bucket bag ia made from nappa faux leather.

So 3 bags that would just fit so beautifully into my wardrobe and fit with my conscience too.

Simply gorgeous.

Do you like my picks of thet The BEST Stella McCartney Bags





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