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Stem cell cancer treatment in Germany

Stem cells (SCs) can regenerate human tissues. They are used in many areas of medicine, including oncology, orthopedics, neurology, cardiology, and gastroenterology. With their help, doctors treat some types of blood cancer, heal torn ligaments and bone fractures, and restore the function of organs that are damaged due to chronic diseases. You can undergo your stem cell treatment in Germany if hospitals in your native country still do not use cell regenerative therapy.

Stem cell cancer treatment in Germany

Stem cell transplant

Historically, the first use of stem cells in medicine was their transplant for cancer treatment. Until now, this area of ​​their use remains the most successful because stem cell therapy can cure even aggressive oncological diseases.

A stem cell transplant is most often performed for leukemia, myeloma, and lymphoma, but sometimes it can also be used for solid (dense) tumors, such as testicular cancer in men. Transplants are carried out with both the patient’s own and donor cells. It is safer to use the patient’s own cells, but if the cancer has spread to the bone marrow, the transplant procedure will not cure it, and donor cells must be used. They not only do not contain any cancer cells but, by themselves, can destroy tumors in the body due to the renewal of immunity. The transplant procedure is followed by the activation of the graft-versus-tumor effect, which destroys malignant foci in the body.

At the best clinics in Germany, stem cell transplants are very effective and rarely cause any complications. The procedure begins with high-dose chemotherapy, which destroys the cancerous tumor and suppresses the patient’s own bone marrow. The stem cells are then injected intravenously, and after a few weeks, they will begin to produce new blood cells. During this period, patients stay in sterile boxes as they are very susceptible to infections.

Cell therapy in orthopedics

More and more Orthopedic Centers are using stem cells to:

  • Restore tissues in the case of a degenerative process (for example, osteoarthritis and degenerative processes in the tendons and muscles)
  • Accelerate tissue healing in those who want to recover faster (for example, professional athletes after injuries)
  • Provide tissue healing if it does not occur naturally (for example, meniscus or bones do not heal after a fracture)

In oncology, cells are harvested from blood or bone marrow, and in orthopedics, mesenchymal stem cells from subcutaneous fat are mainly used. Adipose tissue is obtained by liposuction. It is then passed through a special device to obtain a stromal vascular fraction rich in SCs. This is a fast process that takes several hours, so the treatment is carried out in one day. Stem cells are injected into a joint or into a broken bone.

Cell therapy for chronic diseases

SCs can integrate into organs, replacing defects and stimulating regeneration through the production of growth factors. Cell therapy can therefore be used for many diseases, such as cardiomyopathies, coronary heart disease, chronic pancreatitis, inflammatory bowel diseases, etc. SCs are harvested from the patient’s body and administered intravenously. Sometimes the cells can be injected into the area of the pathological process, for example, into the orbit to treat optic nerve atrophy.

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