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7 Best Steps to a Beautiful Hallway

Steps to a beautiful hallway  and where to start. 

I have always wanted a really beautiful hallway and sadly my reality is far from it. We have wooden floors, white walls and I that is about it. Oh, an old letter rack sits on a shelf with a battered old line phone and a couple of weary-looking boxes hold shoes by the front door. Sigh.

Just not the welcome to my home look I am after. A mini makeover/intervention is required to make mine a beautiful hallway that really does invite people in.


a beautiful hallway, steps to a beautiful hallway


Steps to a beautiful hallway

So, what needs to be done?

  1. A beautiful houseplant would breathe some life and energy into our hallway and make it look fresh, I am thinking a big cheese plant rather a few diddy plants..lush and green and healthy.
  2. Wooden floors are beautiful but dusty and unloved they can look so tired. I need to give mine a good clean and wax so they shine for visitors.
  3. A fresh paint. I will keep our walls white because it makes the small space look bright but it has been a year of two now and a fresh lick of paint always brightens up an area.
  4. I would introduce a statement mirror. I have been searching for mirrors at LionsHome and found the beautiful mirror you can see above. Now wouldn’t that be a focal/talking point for your hallway? LionsHome is an online shopping portal which enables you to access a huge array of shops through just one search. It saves you a huge amount of time searching and shopping at individual stores do give it a try!
  5. A hardwearing mat that is welcoming and clean with a simple graphic such a star on even just a couple of stripes would be lovely and practical.
  6. I do like to keep a landline phone but I need a prettier one. Loving the teal old style look of the phone below.
  7. A great piece of art. I am a big art lover and I love,. fresh vibrant contemporary art that has a bit of a wow factor. This pop art magnet board is fun and practical and would look great by our front door.


Have you created a beautiful hallway?  I would love to hear your tips and tricks. Check out this post if you want to know how to style a hallway table 



Teal phone found on Amazon Launchpad and pop art magnet  picture form Wayfair both found via LionsHome shopping portal 


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I hope you have enjoyed my post on steps to a beautiful hallway


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