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Stick on Wall Tiles – How to Use Adhesive Wall Tiles

Stick On Wall Tiles and how they work.

stick on wall tiles


Have you ever tried stick on wall tiles?

Until recently I did even know these existed..but now I do, I have been telling everyone. 

If you haven’t already tried your hand with these I promise you giving them a go will be a revelation.

Adhesive wall tiles are an absolute game changer when it comes to home decor. So many of us are put off doing anything DIY because it looks so time consuming, tricky and potentially disastrous so we spend our hard earned money bringing in professionals to do the work for us.

Sometimes though, with the right products, DIY decor can be straightforward and we really can give it a go ourselves with no worries about bodging the job.


So what are stick on tiles?

Stick on wall tiles do exactly what they say – they stick on your wall and they are tiles. Does that sound too simple? Well that is because they are simple,  simple in concept and simple to use. 

Stick and Go Wall Tiles  sell adhesive wall tiles that literally require no messy, smelly, complicated, tricky cementing or grouting.

What a relief! 


Stick on Wall Tiles – Won’t they just peel off?

No, these are not stickers, these are solid stick on wall tiles and don’t they just look amazing?



stick on wall tiles



Take a look at how to apply Stick on Wall Tiles

Take a look at how they work with this video from Stick and Go wall Tiles.



What are the benefits of Stick on Wall Tiles

  • They are ideal for both the kitchen and bathroom as they are both heat and water resistant
  • You can apply them directly over old tiles (oh, thank goodness!) or onto a wall or in fact any smooth or non-porous surface
  • They save hours and hours of time
  • You can do it yourself easily


stick on wall tiles



What materials do I need?

Cutting board, scissors, pencil, craft knife and ruler are the only materials you will need to put up your Stick and Go Tiles. Simple stuff and the effect is fabulous. 


Stick on Wall Tiles

All featured wall tiles in this post are from the extensive range at Stickandgo.com

What about cost of Stick on Wall Tiles ?

You get 8-9 tiles per box depending on your sizing choice and the cost is £12.99 per box  in the UK – I think this is excellent value. There is a handy calculator on the website to show you how many you will need,


My Wall Tiles project

I am looking to do the ugly area behind my kitchen sink which has most definitely seen better days ( I would show you but  honestly I am just too embarrassed)  and it would only need 9 titles.  An easy and cheap solution to my problem. 


So I do hope this has shown you how inexpensive, speedy and simple tiling can be. It completely demystifies it doesn’t it and makes it a tangible and cost effective DIY.

Do you think you might give it a try?



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