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How to stop feeling sleepy during the day

Today – How to stop feeling sleepy during the day

How to stop feeling sleepy

How to stop feeling sleepy during the day – top tips

Do you wonder how to stop feeling sleepy during the day?

An occasional sluggish day is fine- we all have those once in a while, but if you find yourself sipping on cups and cups of coffee to keep yourself going throughout the day, or long to get into bed whenever you’re not in it, you might need to bring in and implement some lifestyle changes.

Here’s helping you do just that! Read on to discover some of the best tips to tackle sleepiness during the day! ( You may also like my post on how to stop being busy )


How to stop feeling sleepy? Get Out For a Walk

This may sound counterintuitive, but it actually works wonders. The next time you’re feeling fatigued and just too tired to get up and do anything, put on those walking shoes and get out for a short walk. Getting outdoors can actually help you feel fresh and more active since exercise quickly boosts your metabolism and mood.

Plus, the exposure to sunlight can also give your serotonin levels a nice boost, which can boost your energy levels during the day and also help you sleep better at night.

Hav look at these tips on how to make walking a whole lot less boring


Watch Your Sleep is a good way to stop feeling sleepy during the day

This one’s obvious, and probably the most important tip of all. Make sure you’re getting at least 7-8 hours of restful sleep on a daily basis. Getting into bed early and having early mornings is the best, but even if you can’t do that, make sure you get enough time to unwind every single day.

Turning off the gadgets at least an hour before you sleep and have a comfortable sleeping environment to look forward to are some good tips to make sure you slip into a restful night of sleep.

Have a look at this post on reasons why you should sleep naked! It can really help



How to stop feeling sleepy during the day? Stretch

Stretching when you wake up feels so good, and there’s a reason why you should do it! When you’re sleeping, your body is still for the most part and when you stretch, you’re basically reactivating the muscles in your body and stimulating the brain to release endorphins, which give you more energy.

Investing a few minutes of your morning time practising some yoga moves could really help, but if not, just some light stretching right after you wake up could get you feeling much more active and ready to take on the day! 


How to stop feeling sleepy by simply Getting More Protein

Ditch those breakfast muffins people- it is time to get serious about your breakfast. Loading up on the carbs in the morning may give you that initial blood sugar spike, but you’ll crash soon enough. Make it a conscious effort to add more protein to your meals, especially your breakfast. It will not only help keep you feeling full, but also tackle those blood sugar fluctuations and their effects.

Eggs, protein-packed smoothies, yoghurt and fruit, nut butter and oatmeal are some good protein-rich breakfast options. Have look at thirs recipe for slimming world rosti with a poached egg..yum! A great proteing packed breakfast idea – delicious too.


How to stop feeling sleepy


Stay Hydrated

I am wondering- do you think that you actually drink enough water? You would be surprised how many people don’t and the impact of this. A simple strp if you are seeking how to stop feeling sleepy during the day

Fatigue and drowsiness are some of the classic symptoms of dehydration, and if you’re making sure you’re getting enough sleep and doing everything right but still feeling sluggish, you could actually be just plain dehydrated. In fact, several studies have linked even just mild dehydration to mood disruptions and changes in cognitive abilities and performance.

One super simple away that you could increase your water intake by keeping a water bottle handy. It is absolutely getting one or two that you like – you will be much more inclined to use them. You might also like to have a read of this blog post on how to drink more water which is full of smart hydration hacks

Such a straight forward, simple and inexpensive solution

How to stop feeling sleepy during the day is not hard it just takes a little dedicated attention



stop feeling sleepy during the day


So,  How to stop feeling sleepy tips? It’s over to you

I hope these tips have helped you discover how to stop feeling sleepy during the day and help you feel a lot more energised and enthused by life. They really can make such a huge difference to your health and wellbeing. A little bit of self-care is absolutely always worth the effort it takes. How to stop feeling sleepy during the day is in your hands

Do you have any of your own how to stop feeling sleepy during the day tips you would like to share?

If you do. as always. please leave me a comment below.

Thanks for reading my post on how to stop feeling sleepy during the day,  I do hope you have found it useful Bx


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Life is for living so being wide awake and alert as much as you can really will enhance both your wellbeing and your life quality I am sure so dod focus your efforts on this – it is absolutely worth it


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