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7 Storage Secrets for Small Apartments

Are you seeking storage secrets for small apartments?

All those small apartment pictures on Pinterest might have you swooning but when it comes to living in one, you’ll be left with a very pressing question: ‘Where do I put all my stuff?’ That said, a small space does have its perks.


Storage secrets for small apartments


Storage secrets for small apartments

It’s easier to clean and manage, and it’s definitely cozy. You can curl up on the couch, watch some Netflix and then, walk a few steps to your kitchen if you want something to eat. Regardless, a small apartment leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to storage. 

But this doesn’t mean that you have to wait until you can afford a larger space to actually live the way you want. That’s the farthest thing from the truth! With a few tweaks, small storage units, and the right kind of products, you can make your living area spacious enough for all the stuff you own. 

Try these 8 storage secrets to spruce up your space!


  1. Get your hands on jute boxes

Since  apartments for rent in Raleigh  doesn’t inherently have much storage area to offer, you need to make it yourself. Now, this doesn’t mean that you hire a contractor for a new wardrobe or cabinet, that’s just too expensive and rather impractical. A cheaper way to achieve your storage goals is through pretty boxes you can leave around the house. One of the most aesthetic varieties has jute wrapped around the exterior, which gives the structure a rustic vibe. These not only look amazing but extend plenty of utilitarian benefits to the homeowner. Such that, you can use them to store all your cute little things that would otherwise add to the clutter.


  1. Install wall-mounted shelves

You might not have much surface area but that shouldn’t stop you from making the most of your apartment walls. Verily, buy a few shelves online or from a local store nearby and simply nail them to the wall. You will just need a little hardware, rest assured, the whole process won’t take that long. Once set up, you can place practically anything on the shelves so as long as the latter can sustain their weight.



  1. Turn the area under the window seat into cabinets

If you’re lucky enough to have window seats in the apartment, you’ll notice that the area under is often empty and open to access. This might not be the case for everyone; however, it is still quite common. So, instead of letting that space go unused, get handy! You can either add doors to the front and turn them into proper cabinets, or treat it as an inbuilt shelf.

Both ideas are great but the second one is definitely much easier. However, cabinet doors can allow you to shove everything inside without trying to make it look nice for the guests. On the other hand, you can buy storage buckets and place them inside the spaces. This way, your home would look aesthetically clean without exposing all the stuff you’re hiding under.


  1. Invest in a two-tiered table – Storage secrets for small apartments

All interior specialists would vouch that the right kind of furniture can go a long way. The best part is that picking out the most storage-friendly pieces isn’t that difficult. Plenty of modern designs have the capacity to hold extra things without looking out of place. A two-tiered table, for instance, is a classy piece of furniture that can also be substituted as a flat surface for your books. Since everyone only ever puts food on the top, the bottom tier is often left empty. But why should it when you’re already short on space? Stacking your favorite books or arranging other stuff there can look pretty great. In fact, it can tie the whole place together naturally!


Storage secrets for small apartments


  1. Get an antique trolly 

You don’t have to be obsessed with interior design to want an antique trolly! These moveable structures offer much more than just aesthetic benefits. And you can use them to deliver a sneaky storage solution that your guests won’t even notice. 

By putting boxes on the floor, you can drag the trolley over and create a make-shift storage spot. And when you need to take something out or redecorate, simply roll it out and you’ll be good to go. 


  1. Use hanging storage baskets

These follow the same idea as hanging planters. When you don’t have space on the floor, why not leverage the ceiling? You can easily find hanging storage baskets online. Or, if you’re more of a DIY person, you can also make them yourself at home. Whatever you choose, you won’t be disappointed with the results. Once set up, the hanging structures look pretty amazing! Naturally, there’s no rule to what you can or cannot put inside them. From books to trinkets, it’s all up to you.


  1. Store things under the couch

That huge vintage couch in your living room can be used to tuck away all those things you don’t want to leave in plain sight. While this might not sound appealing, it’s certainly a great idea. You’re struggling with insufficient space and the only way to counter that is by looking for storage in unconventional spaces. 

Think about it, why should the big box of monopoly take half the cabinet space when it can be easily shoved under the couch? Similarly, things that aren’t too tall have a pretty great chance of finding room underneath the sofa. You can easily take the things out when you need and put them back after you’re done.


Storage secrets for small apartments

  1. Rent small storage units

Sometimes, even the most clever storage hacks cannot add enough space to a small apartment. Regardless, you are bound to feel cluttered at some point. As the amount of things you own grow, you’re faced with an uncomfortable choice to move out or make do with the current situation. 

Or perhaps your family is growing and you simply need to clear out. Whatever your reason may be, you don’t just have to invest all your life savings into a bigger apartment that you can barely afford. A better option is to rent small storage units near your home.

If you don’t know much about the companies in your area, head over to SSO and compare the packages. Regardless, the safest option available for London residents is STORED, the company has been serving clients for almost a decade and they’re top-rated for a reason. Most importantly, their small storage units are quite affordable. 

You can also be eligible for a discount if you’re a student or renting out for 6 months or longer. Rest assured, all your belongings will be kept safe and their service staff will come to you for free collection.



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