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Storage Secrets to Transform a Small Home

Storage Secrets to Transform a Small Home


transform a small home


Storage Secrets to Transform a Small Home

Are you looking for storage secrets to transform a small home? Small homes are in high demand, for both singles and families, but they often come with a built-in challenge. Where to store everything so it’s handy but not constantly underfoot? Here are some ideas to get you thinking:


High up Space – Storage Secrets to  Transform a Small Home

High up spaces in rooms are often overlooked, but offer a wealth of space with little adaptation needed.

In high-ceilinged rooms there’s untold space for book shelves up high, or you could use the space for delicate items you want to display but keep safe.

Looking for space high up extends to the kitchen, where the spaces above wall cabinets is often left empty. Depending on the height between cabinet and ceiling, options for storage include installing additional glass-fronted display cabinets or simply investing a few pounds in attractive storage boxes you can arrange in rows.

There is so much choice in the DIY shelving range that just about any kind of decor will have its perfect match.



Low down Space to transform a small home

Hidden spaces in small houses are often low down, so also fall off our radar when we’re searching for storage areas.

One idea is to build drawers into stairs so they slide out from the risers, although this might not be a project for amateur do-it-yourselfers.

One thing you can do you yourself quite easily installs shelves in the space beneath the stairs. Go for narrow shelving if the space is very small. Other uses for this underused area include installing laundry machines if there is enough space and you can run plumbing or electrics to the area.

A definitely overlooked area is beneath kitchen cabinets. Normally sealed from use by kickboards, there are acres of room here for storage. All that’s needed is a board that hinges open in place of the normally fixed one.



Seasonal Storage to transform a small home

So many possessions don’t get used all year round. Think about garden equipment or furnishings, seasonal sports kit or everyday clothing. Add in large toys and games, such as trampolines, bikes or even dolls houses and tents, and it’s easy to see how storing them at home takes up space that could be made to work harder.

Self storage facilities provide a handy and local solution, with storage rooms that come in a huge range of sizes that start from large lockers. By putting larger items or collections of smaller items (such as winter coats and boots), into storage when they’re not being used, there’s space at home for more items you use everyday.

Self storage offers an inexpensive, convenient way to extend your home without laying a single brick, and with terms running from just a week, it’s a simple job to either expand or contract the amount of storage you rent. If you have inherited items that don’t fit at home but have sentimental value, storage also offers a way to hang onto them for posterity without you falling over them every day.


Making Furniture Work Harder

Vintage chests are fashionable, making ideal coffee tables with built in storage, or linen chests in the bedroom. If those don’t ring your bells, purpose made solutions for storage include side tables with shelves or drawers and coffee tables with built in storage spaces.Therse are perfect ways to transform a small home.

Storage furniture really helps keep a room looking tidy, as you can hide away all today’s gadgets when they’re not in use.

Beds too are for more than sleeping. In kids’ rooms, captain beds provide drawers, a desk or wardrobe space without taking up additional floor space. In the master bedroom, an ottoman bed provides a great hideaway for spare linens, towels or blankets and duvets.

Living in a small home can be a challenge, but there are all kinds of clever storage solutions around for anyone willing to explore a bit further.

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