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Beautiful Storytelling Jewellery with Composeable Bracelets

Storytelling Jewellery and a look at how it works


Storytelling Jewellery



Meaningful Storytelling Jewellery

I absolutely adore storytelling jewellery.

I am a huge jewellery lover though not many people would perhaps realise that. I never wear big showy necklaces or statement earrings. What I love is more personal than that.


Jewellery I have inherited

For me, jewellery is a very personal expression of who I am and the things I love. Much of my jewellery is inherited. I have a beautiful w simple gold wedding band that was my grandmas and then my mothers.  I have a Sark stone cross for my Granny and a string of pearls from an aunt I adored. I have so many memories and so much love tied up in those pieces. They really touch my heart so much and I feel proud to wear them almost as if I carry those women with me.


Storytelling Jewellery I have been gifted

I have more pearls from my wedding days, I have of course my beautiful wedding, engagement and eternity rings. filled with hopes and promises. I have a gorgeous bracelet from my BFF with a heart on that I wear every single day. I also have a gifted Star of David that means the world to me.

I have jewellery that is long gone now which for many reasons really touched my heart but sadly now broken or lost, what’s left are memories. Jewellery tells stories doesn’t it and that’s what I like about it most – along of course, with how it looks.


Storytelling Jewellery –  bracelets

I like simple, beautiful, classy jewellery that you can wear all the time and that means something.  This why the links charms  personalised bracelets from Nomination are just my kind of jewellery. You can totally write your own stories by choosing the charms that represent you. What I love most about these bracelets are that they can evolve all the time. So you can simply buy or be gifted charms that resonate with you and add them to your personal story bracelet over time,

Composable bracelets by Nomination are original, high quality jewellery for men, women and children. Personalise the stainless steel bracelet base with Links for every occasion: choose from among the vast offering of Links with symbols, letters, charms and pendants to create one-of-a-kind jewellery that’s all about you. Each Link tells a story through its precious details in sterling silver, gold, rose gold, gemstones and enamel.


Oh, how I want one of these! And what a stunning gift they would make. What story would you tell with yours?


Maybe it’s a love story?


storytelling jewellery


Or maybe you would want to write stories about your travels on your bracelet?


storytelling jewellery


There are so many options

For me, my story would be about my family – and look something like this?

Storytelling Jewellery


Aren’t they absolutely exquisite?

My favourite pendant?

This little angel would remind me of my mum – isn’t it lovely?


I think composeable bracelets are an adorable idea. Truly meaningful jewellery.


storytelling jewellery is a collaborative post

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