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Studying Abroad: Top 10 Countries for Getting Your Degree

Getting a higher education abroad is far from easy. When choosing a country in which a student wants to study, there are many aspects to consider: from housing, finances, and language of instruction to the university itself and the conditions of relocation. The rating of the best countries in the world in terms of education level annually evaluates the quality and capabilities of educational programs. Over the past five years, the top 10 include the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and several European countries.

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The ranking of the best countries by education level compares the quality of the pre-school, school, and higher education, as well as the opportunities that education provides for an international career. The best schools and universities are among the leaders: their curricula develop students’ abilities and help them master any profession. And here they are!


Canada took first place in the ranking due to the availability and quality of education. According to the survey, the country of red maple was the first in terms of comfort and was ranked third in the categories “Quality of education” and “Opportunity to learn a new language”. Most Canadians communicate in English, but French also plays a big role in education. Students recognize a high culture of tolerance and find the Canadian educational environment safe and welcoming for foreigners. The country’s universities are known for their technological innovations, especially in the areas of computer and information education.

Canada is one of the recognized leaders in the training of highly qualified personnel. With a high level of education and living conditions, studying in Canada is cheaper than in the United States and many European countries. In addition, applicants are attracted by the possibility of employment in international companies already during their studies.


Studying Abroad



Australia was ranked # 1 in Oceania and # 3 in the Education Accessibility and Friendship Opportunity categories. This gave her the opportunity to take second place in the overall ranking. Students love that most of the major university cities are on the coast. Foreigners consider Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane to be the most comfortable for living and studying.

Australian universities attract international students for their high-quality education and the prospect of a successful career. There is also a large number of business schools of various levels. This country is favorable for life and offers broad prospects for successful employment.

Education in Australia is regulated and funded by each of the six states and two territories on the mainland and by governments in the islands and atolls. These systems have some differences and are subject to general Australian standards. Australia’s educational standards are based on the structure and principles of the British system. The goal of education is to fully reveal the creative, intellectual, l and personal potential of the student. The academic year in Australia has its own characteristics. School starts at the end of January and ends in mid-December. Classes at universities last from late February to September.





Germany became the third in the world and the first in Europe. The respondents gave the country the first line of the rating in terms of the quality of education and the sixth in the category “Opportunity to achieve career goals”.

German universities consistently hold the first positions in the rankings of countries with the best learning conditions. Education received in this country can provide invaluable experience for further career. Training can be completed in both English and German. It is possible to obtain a work permit during free time from studies. The most popular cities remain Berlin, Munich, and Frankfurt. Students distinguish a large number of different festivals held in the country.

After graduation, students have many job opportunities, as Germany is the most economically developed country in the European Union.



Switzerland became the second in Europe after Germany and the fourth in the world. The respondents gave her third place in the “Self-development” category and tenth in “Interesting adventures”.

In Switzerland, in addition to a high standard of living, a fairly high level of education. The country’s universities are annually ranked first in various world rankings of the quality of education. Students consider Switzerland to be one of the most beautiful and comfortable countries in Europe. Education in Switzerland is highly valued in the world: the educational programs of these countries are among the best in terms of the quality of education. From a very young age, children learn independent thinking, creativity, and leadership skills.


 Countries for Getting Your Degree


The United States ranked second in North America and fifth in the world. Respondents also ranked the United States fifth in the categories “Learn about a new culture and lifestyle” and “Quality of education”.

Some of the best universities in the world are located here, including Stanford, Princeton, and Harvard universities. Students highlight a multicultural educational environment and a wide range of post-graduate career opportunities. Education in the United States is characterized by a flexible approach to learning. The educational system in the United States aims to foster self-discipline, analytical skills, independent thinking, and free will in children. Students are offered a wide range of programs, including the possibility of distance learning. The USA is the birthplace of MBA and rightfully occupies a leading position in the ratings in this area. Tuition fees in the United States are perhaps the highest.


Sweden was ranked sixth overall and first in the Career Opportunity category. This Scandinavian country is famous for its universities in Stockholm, Lund and, Uppsala.

Many students highlight the possibility of creating their own startup. Interesting projects are often financed by the country’s universities themselves. Swedish universities have an excellent reputation, so every year more and more foreign applicants come here. In Sweden, teaching is in English. The country is famous for a variety of training programs, an excellent educational and research base.


The Netherlands ranked seventh. In the categories “Self-development” and “Quality of education” the country received sixth places

If it is important for you to apply advanced approaches in education, flexibility in learning, and the presence of a high-tech base, then you can try your luck at one of the universities in Holland. The cost of education and living here is not too high in comparison with other European countries. Holland is called “the gateway to Europe” for a reason because from Amsterdam to London, Brussels, Paris, and Berlin it is only an hour’s flight. Many universities offer educational courses in which teaching is in English. Students highlight a good environment, developed infrastructure, and the popularity of cycling.


Ranked eighth overall, the UK was ranked second in the Quality of Education category and fourth in Learning about a New Culture and Lifestyle.

Some of the oldest universities in the world are located here, in particular Oxford and Cambridge. Almost all large cities in Great Britain can be called university cities because in a relatively small country there are more than 400 higher educational institutions.

The prestige of education received in this country is beyond doubt. Leading global companies are eagerly recruiting graduates from British universities. A wide range of disciplines and age-old traditions, combined with modern technology, make the UK the most popular destination for education in Europe. The high cost of training is offset by the intensity of the training process (for example, in England, a bachelor’s degree can be obtained in just three years).

  1. SPAIN

The ninth place went to sunny Spain, becoming the first in the category “Learn about a new culture and lifestyle” and third in “Interesting adventures”.

Indeed, the culture of Spain is different from other European countries. Most of all, students like Spanish cuisine, architecture and the offers of sea holidays after couples.


France closes the top ten ranking of the best countries for studying foreigners. The republic took seventh place in the “Learn about a new culture and lifestyle” category and ninth in the “Opportunity to learn a new language”.

Students highlight gourmet cuisine and the interesting history of the country. Besides Paris, famous universities are located in the cities of Lille, Grenoble, and Lyon.

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