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A Style Guide for the Older Gentlemen

I just adore putting together style guides so I was delighted to work with Chums to put together a style guide for the older gentlemen .

One thing I have noticed as I age (46 next birthday!) is that style is not the sole domain of the young and that it is important we recognise the older generations are stylish and fashion-forward too and give them some credit and focus!

Style is timeless after all.

As a fashion loving blogger Chums have asked me to put together a style guide to inspire men everywhere in the art of stylish dressing.

How exciting. I love to dress people!


A style guide for the older gentlemen

Here are my picks for a classic and casual summer look, Navy is always a good colour and so classy. The shorts are cool abut tailored and still smart and polo shirts never go out of fashion. I thought the blazer added a little style and the shoes look comfy and on trend. The boater is a must for sunny days the whole look is one of smart stylish sophistication that is really practical too for a summer day.

All these items can be mixed and matched with other items so they really are a good investment.

When it comes to evening wear for the older gentleman well I say bring on the style . I love to see a well dressed man and I am hoping you like this outfit I have devised!

I have opted for a classic herringbone jacket and some beautiful wool trousers styled with some ever fashionable brogues. The shirt, well just could not decide between white and blue so I  popped in both. Which of you prefer? I feel suits can sometimes look very office-y and this look is just the opposite it says I have made an effort to look fabulous but this is nothing to do with work!


style guide for the older gentlemen



All items available from both style guides are available from www.chums.co.uk

I hope you enjoyed my style guide for the older gentlemen.  Do let me know which look you prefer!


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