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A stylish and simple lunch

A stylish and simple lunch


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Do you need an idea for a stylish and simple lunch ? Well it doesn’t get any easier than this.


A stylish and simple lunch

I love to have friends over to share lunch but I am a busy lady and need to be able to rustle up something super quick that everyone will enjoy.

You can’t really go wrong with bread and cheese. Even the children are happy!

I like to buy still warm bread and a little of a few cheeses so everyone has choice. Add in some juicy red grapes, slightly salted and chilli lime butters, freshly squeezed orange juice and good coffee.

There you have it…the perfect simple lunch. I quickly fried the halloumi but apart from that there was no cooking involved (and very little washing up.)

Garden flowers on the table and  your best plates and you have a really gorgeous lunch table  full of lovely food to share for minimal effort.

A stylishly simple lunch.

stylish and simple lunch

A little music in the background, lovely fresh air through open windows and a smiley happy hostess. You will be all set for a wonderful lunch.

I would follow this up with a simple vanilla creamy icecream scoop and ready prepared slice or two of mango.

Utterly perfect .


“‘A loaf of bread,’ the Walrus said, ‘is what we chiefly need: Pepper and vinegar besides are very good indeed.’” – Lewis Caroll

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