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Stylish Aprons from Aurina

Stylish Aprons from Aurina


I do love to cook and eat! and am most often found in the kitchen

I am by no means a good cook but I do try and I do like to try something new. I am what you call a bit a bit of a messy cook . I have to use an apron!

Aurina produce original eye-catching printed textiles for the home and accessories for children.Founded in 2011 they opened their first shop in Suffolk last year.

They sell all sorts of gorgeous homeware from cushions to place mats, tablecloths, bags and bedlinen.



Stylish Aprons from Aurina

I have completely fallen for their vibrant and stylish Nellie collection.The lovely eye catching stylish aprons are just great fun, bright and  cheerful and 100% cotton and washable so immensely practical too.

I love that the kids and I have matching aprons!



How cute are they? We were about to make bubble and squeak if you were wondering!

I really fancy some bedlinen in the Nellie print on a big floor cushion. We love elephants and orange is such a great colour to cheery up a home.

However I am also rather in love with their giraffe print


and Hetty harehetty hare

if only my food looked as stylish as my apron!


I hope you enjoyed this post on Stylish Aprons from Aurina

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