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Stylish Ergonomic Chairs for the Home Office

Today – Stylish Ergonomic Chairs

Most health experts agree that sitting for too long causes serious health problems. As it’s not always possible to avoid sitting, many people are turning to ergonomic chair designs, where the chair works with your body instead of against it to encourage a healthy posture.

Ergonomic Chairs for the Home Office

You might assume this would mean a trade-off where functional needs take precedence over design qualities. In fact, top designers are taking an interest in ergonomics now, and many ergonomic chairs are as stylish as the ones that are bad for you.


Stylish Ergonomic Chairs

As the Telegraph puts it in recommending ergonomic chairs as a contribution to back pain relief, “Ergonomic chairs can’t take the stress out of the office, but they can alleviate the symptoms.” This is as true for the home office as for a company workplace, but when you’re working at home you want something that will blend with the style you aim for throughout the rest of your house.

If you’re looking for a stylish ergonomic chair, designers such as Herman Miller, HAG and Varier specialise in putting class into ergonomics. But that’s not all. As Huffington Post reported a few years ago, top designers like Philippe Starck are turning from silhouette to ergonomic function for their innovations in chair design.


Modern Design Classics

Ergonomic office chairs come in a wide variety of styles, ranging from minimalist to luxurious. This means that not only can you choose the design that will best support your spine and posture, but you can also match the design and colour with the overall look of your home.

Back2, a leading supplier of ergonomic chairs of all kinds, features office chairs by some of the top designers, including celebrated pioneer Herman Miller. His Aeron model is the Independent’s top recommendation in its rundown of ergonomic office chairs. Describing it as “iconic”, the article comments “If you are a design buff, this is the one for you. The Museum of Modern Art in New York has an Aeron in its permanent collection, so its design credentials are well established.”


Stylish Ergonomic Chair – Chairs for the Future

Even the most aesthetic designs are normally driven by function, and ergonomics promises to be the design function of the future for chairs. While there has been some criticism of ergonomic chairs, most seems to be on the self-evident basis that they won’t work if you don’t use them properly.

Whether you have back problems or not, check out the range of ergonomic office chairs available. You can benefit your body and your home in one stroke.



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    No doubt that an ergonomic chair is important. Do you have a favorite choice? Been researching for opinions on the best.

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