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Stylish Kitchen Flooring Ideas for 2022

Stylish Kitchen Flooring Ideas for 2022 – have you been on the hunt?

Every time is a good time to renovate – but what better excuse than the return of the spring? As the warm weather approaches and spring-cleaning season rears its head once again, why not factor in some larger renovation work to give your house that fresh feeling? Kitchen upgrades rank among the highest for popular targets in home renovation, but the kitchen floor is an oft-underserved part of the home. Giving it some attention can make all the difference in creating a fresh and vibrant kitchen; what follows are some chic ideas for flooring solutions, to give you that little bit more inspiration.

Wooden Flooring – Stylish Kitchen Flooring Ideas for 2022

Wood flooring has, quite simply, never gone out of style. Cheaper laminate solutions often aim to emulate the look of the traditional flooring style, but nothing can measure up to the real thing.  Engineered wood flooring is another great option being both long lasting and moisture resistant. Make sure you do your research ahead of time, though – without the right wood or the right finish, your floor could suffer from the repeated heavy use it will receive, not to mention the potential for stains!




Stylish Kitchen Flooring Ideas in 2022


Quintessential Tiling – Stylish Kitchen Flooring Ideas for 2022

Tiled kitchens can be a much more clean-friendly option for the busy kitchen, being easier to wipe up spills on – and it’s much easier to replace a cracked tile with some floor tile adhesive than to pull up and replace a rotten floorboard. Terracotta tiling can offer a warm, rustic Mediterranean feel, while black-and-white checkerboarded ceramics can create a sleek throwback look. When it comes to kitchen tiling, the only limit is your imagination; you could even create your own bespoke pattern out of altogether different sets of tiles.

Stone Slabs

Paving, rather than tiling, kitchen spaces is an increasingly popular flooring solution, especially for renovation projects with a traditional or “cottage-core” aesthetic at their core.  Yorkshire stone slabs are of particular interest, providing a heavy and hard-wearing base that’s easy to maintain, but stone flags of all descriptions have been used to great effect. Paving your kitchen is a much more labour-intensive process than the previous entries on this list, and can be a little pricier to pull off as a result, but the results speak for themselves!

Concrete Flooring

Lastly, and perhaps most interestingly, filling in the kitchen floor with concrete could be the hottest 2022 trend in kitchen flooring. The unconventional application of the material has been around for some time, but with more homes adopting sleek, minimal aesthetics, the deep-hued concrete canvas provides a peerless base for bespoke kitchen units and sleek black marble units.


Kitchen Flooring Ideas for 2022



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