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Stylish Posters for a Family Home

Stylish Posters for a Family Home

Stylish Posters


In cooperation with Poster Store I have been jazzing up my home with some new wall art and I am so pleased with it and so excited to show you. Poster store gifted me a bundle of fabulous posters of my choice and I have to tell you they really did take some choosing! There is such a wide range of great value posters that I could honestly have pocked many more but my house is pretty small so I had to put a limit on it!


Special promotion:

The promotion code is : beckygoddardhill30

That is valid from today until Monday the 23rd of December, for 30% off the order excluding ‘selection posters’and frames.


The posters at Poster Store can be found through a category search which does make it a whole lot easier especially if you have a specific theme in mind.

The categories include:








Fashion  & more…..

I was blown away by the extent of the Stylish posters range and the cost was exceptionally good.

Here’s  where and how I placed my new stylish posters


Stylish Posters for a Family Home

I love these stylish posters for a family home let me show you how I used them around my home


Stylish posters for my home office

I work squeezed into a tiny office space in the corner of my kitchen.  I have two issues with this…

My first issue is it can  get a b little bleak looking at the wall – so I  used this little Matahari poster to sit alongside my desk and cheer me up

stylish posters


My second issue is this – my brain! it ruminates on the past and frets about the future and I find it hard to stay in the now – this little yesterday now tomorrow print encourages me to stay present and focus on the now – the perfect addition to my notice board


Don’t they look great and let’s hope they work their magic.


Stylish posters for the lounge

We decided to go big and dramatic in our lounge with this beautiful Above the clouds poster and white wooden frame. All the posters are available in a variety of sizes and we went BIG for this one!



I love its simplicity and it works so well with our white and grey room


Stylish posters for the hallway

At the top of our stairs, we decided to make a little gallery of black and white posters. I just absolutely love them. My favourite has to be the giraffe


stylish posters


Stylish posters for a kid’s bedroom 

Love the a thousand birds poster we chose for my daughter’s bedroom,  it is so dreamy and looks so lovely against her plants.



I also thought how inspirational the who run the world poster was for her to have in her room



Then on to my bedroom and this gorgeous pearl rose flower print – so pretty I think pinks make such stylish posters!



Oh and last but not least this little display by my front door I love this oops print – such a good message for my kids


I do hope you have enjoyed my collaboration with Poster Store and how I have styled up their posters.  Do pop over and take a look at what they have to offer they have the BEST stylish posters and art prints and great value frames too


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