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Stylish Radiators

As you know living in a beautiful space is important to me, hence the name of this blog.

For me simple changes can make a huge difference to an interior, and I always think it is the little details that matter the most.

I am not bothered about huge renovations or amazingly co-ordinated schemes particularly.

I like to see sharp and clean skirting. I like to see unusual door handles and a polished letter box. I like to see thought about lamp shades and pillows that compliment in colour and texture.

These are the details that add up to a stylish home.

Radiators are definitely a case in point. They can make a big difference to the look of a room and can be a beautiful rather than a simply functional addition.

I know that’s an unusual statement people do not often talk about radiators, do they? Personally, I really don’t think that people consider their radiators enough.

I love to see Contemporary Radiators both functional and stylish and perfectly in keeping with a modern home. And, if your home isn’t modern, just changing your radiator can give it that edge and lift it right out of the 1970’s.

Who wants ordinary?

Let me show you a few radiators that really would work in a contemporary interior.


The Reina Rezzo is a chrome, mild steel towel radiator. The traditional ladder design looks cool and is immensely practical. I just love it, it adds really clean lines to a bathroom as well as additional light and of course it does not use up any floor space which is always a bonus.

As well as looking sleek and stylish Stainless Steel Radiators are a really good investment. Not only do you know your radiators are protected from  defects or corrosion, you also get a longer guarantee which is important. Radiator changes impact your decorating so you really want them to last as long as possible so having the best radiator is crucial.

I love this designer towel rail. Isn’t it fabulous? Oh, and as an aside – that pink wall is lush isn’t it! It is like a piece of art and the reflective surface will make the room look brighter and bigger too.

When it comes to trickier spaces there is no reason to panic as radiators these days come in a myriad of styles,shapes and sizes. This horizontal radiator is perfect for installing under a long window and this is such a great use of space, much smarter than blocking off a different length of a wall you may wish to use. It looks good too! Really neat and unobtrusive.

I have to say this bench radiator is a totally new concept to me and one I think is totally awesome. It would be absolutely perfect in our freezing conservatory in winter and doesn’t it look totally funky too?

Stylish Radiators

So yes, do consider your radiators! They can be a super cool addition to a room and a real sense of style.

All featured radiators are from Designer Radiators Direct.


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