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Stylish Serving Trays

Oh I do love stylish serving trays.

I am not the world greatest cook  (though I am trying!) so I  have learned over time to keep it simple, use good ingredients and present it with flair.

I do love a little bunch of flowers on the table, good napkins, thought out placemats but I also love a good tray.

Having a lovely tray really does set off your food and can make even the plainest little salad and chilled glass of wine look beautifully prepared and exciting.

I love the metallics here but also the simple patterns and bold colours. These could really add a zing to our dining.

I think making an effort with your food stops you eating so much too ( I really do) I think it just slows you down and makes you appreciate the meal more and makes you take your time.

Aesthetics are not just a superficial indulgence they please our senses and make us more mindful and more grateful for experiences.

My favourite of these stylish serving trays is the Harley and Lola serving trays ….what about you? Do you make an effort to serve food beautifully?

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