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Summer Clothing Items Your Toddler Needs

Summer for toddlers can get a bit difficult at times. They want to play and have fun, but they aren’t aware of getting too hot or what that could do to them. While you will ensure they drink enough water and stay cool, what they wear is also essential. 

There are several tips for new parents when it comes to dressing your child in Summer, as well as a short list of essential items you should have. Kids sandals, t-shirts, shorts and vests are a few Summer essentials you should pick up.


Summer Clothing Items Your Toddler Needs

Tips for Dressing in Summer

As mentioned, kids can’t quite articulate if the heat makes them feel very sick, but here are some tips to ensure they are appropriately dressed, protected from the sun, and still cool and comfortable. 


Cotton is one of the best Summer materials out there. It is lightweight and breathable but still provides ample protection against the sun. Cotton is also easy to clean, making it an excellent material for long outdoor playing days.  

Light Layers

Whether it is in the middle of the day or at night, avoid putting on too many layers. While kids get colder than adults, layer lightweight items instead of heavy items. Once again, your child will be protected against the elements but won’t get too hot. 

Sun-Blocking Clothes

There are many lightweight long-sleeve shirts and sun-blocking clothes for kids available nowadays that won’t make them hot but will protect them against the sun. While wearing a vest, or nothing, is fine for indoors, opt for light long sleeves when you’re outside for extended periods. 

Light Pyjamas

Pyjamas are another area that you should ensure stay light and breathable. There is no need to worry about layers and to stay warm as your child will have blankets for that. Instead, opt for little to no additional clothing if it gets too hot or a t-shirt or vest. 

Embrace the No-Clothes Phase

Every child goes through a phase where they will refuse to wear shirts, pants, or just clothes. If this happens during Summer, embrace it. If you’re staying in the privacy of your own home, there is no need for your child to be dressed entirely anyway. Let them run around in whatever they want that day. 



Summer Clothing Items Your Toddler Needs

Items to Buy

If you haven’t picked up some Summer essentials yet, here are some of the best items to pick up, some of which can be used throughout the year. 


Lightweight T-Shirts

Buy t-shirts that are made of very thin and light cotton or a cotton blend. Your child is going to be wearing these a lot through Summer and the rest of the year, so choose to buy high-quality shirts instead of bulk. 

They are also going to keep growing during this time; therefore, buying a dozen shirts in their current size will end up being wasteful. They will grow out of them in no time, and you will have to do this all again. 



Another item that is going to be an everyday thing is shorts. There is no need to go fancy in this department either; a few pairs of shorts or cargo shorts are great for the outdoors, too, as they will be taking a beating through playing. 



If you have a daughter, she will more than likely be perfectly ok with wearing dresses every day. They will protect most of her skin, they are lightweight and flowy, and they are great for letting her skin breathe and not allowing her to overheat. 



If your child is more active and spends a lot of their time on the go, choosing a skort is another excellent option. The skirt and shorts combo is ideal for playtime and, once again, allows them to breathe, and it isn’t too constricting. 


#Swimming Costumes

While it is easy to opt for boardshorts or a regular swimming costume, a swimsuit is a better choice for Summer. It is still made of swimming costume material, but it covers more of their body and protects them against sunburn. 

Sunblock washes off really quickly if you have a child that likes to swim or go into the sea; therefore, a costume that does the job of sunblock is ideal. 


Lightweight Jerseys

If the Summer nights have a slight nip in the air, choose lightweight jerseys that provide just enough cover from the cold. A cardigan is also a good option as they are often quite thin and can be open to regulate heat. 



Whether you have a son or daughter, vests are a simple clothing option that can be worn throughout Summer. They provide some sun protection, they are cool, and your child won’t get too hot wearing one. 



Finally, the only shoe your child will need throughout Summer is sandals. They provide enough protection against the hot ground, and they can be worn by the pool, to the store, or at the beach. They also don’t need to be taken off after you’ve been in the water, as most sandals dry off fairly quickly. 


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