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Summer Nature Crafts

Summer Nature Crafts are probably my favourite.

Are you looking for summer nature crafts for kids or indeed the whole family to do? If so we have some lovely ideas here for you that I think you are all going to love.



Summer Nature Crafts

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The 5  benefits of summer nature crafts 

  • Getting kids out int the fresh air is just so very good for them isn’t it? It helps them exercise, gives them a big whiff of fresh air, helps them relax and appreciate and value the world around them. Links to being outside and good emotional well being are long established and it is something we want to encourage now more than ever.
  • Creativity too is incredibly important to encourage in our h children..not only will it help them  develop problem skills but it also does a great deal to boost their self esteem.
  • Combining being outside in nature and crafting is a clear win when it comes to helping kids feel calm and happy. We all want that. 
  • Nature crafting is also good for the environment – everything is recyclable and naturally produced
  • Summer nature crafts are good for your pocket too because everything is free and the school summer holiday are LONG!.


Nature craft and play ideas ( with lots of summer nature crafts inside)


summer nature crafts 


A year of nature craft and play: 52 things to make and do is my brand new book  ( co-authored with growing family) and it is packed with fun ideas for nature crfating

Filled with crafts, gardening, games, art and science activities for children aged 7 years and up that are budget-friendly and will entertain all year round.

From Spring sunflower challenges to Summer mandalas, Autumn conker craft to Winter pine cone decorations, it will inspire children to get creative with nature!

It is published by Collins and available here and it contains a big section of summer nature crafts that I know you are just going to absolutely love


Summer nature crafts 

Today I wanted to share with you a host of lovely summer craft ideas form around the blogosphere ( all of them are shared here wih the creators kind permission)0 I do hope you find something that inspires you and your kids to get out creating summer nature crafts from the simple art of flower pressing or making a flower crown to making happienss rocks there is n so much to choose form

 Encouraging creativity in kids is all important and it is such a  boost to their problem solving skills, ability to self regulate and general happiness


Nature terrarium – Cute summer nature crafts

Check out this tutorial on making a nature terrarium such a lovely thing for kids to display in their room and a lovey way to get them out walking /scavenger hunting.


Summer Nature Crafts


Make a sunprint – summer nature crafts are cool!

Have you ever used a sunprint paper kit? Light makes the sunprint paper go through a chemical change. Here is how it works

isn’t this such a fun stem activity to introduce the kids to? I love it! So great ti get them learning when they don’t have a clue that is your aim!


Summer Nature Crafts


Create a Windcatcher

These beautiful wind catchers are so relaxing to make and the added lavender blooms means they smell amazing too. Here is how to make a windcatcher

and wont they look super pretty in the garden too. 


Summer Nature Crafts


Nature walk bracelet – summer nature crafts get kids moving

Nature walk bracelets are fun and easy to make and always so pretty. here is how you can combine a lovely walk with making a nature walk bracelet

All you’ll need is duct tape and nature!

This is juts a sweet activity that can also be developed to a crown or a nature postcard depending on what it is that your child most fancies creating – these make sweet gifts for friends too and hey they could do both the crown and bracelet if they felt so inspired!


Nature walk bracelet


Sea Glass Coasters – summer nature crafts can use beach treasures 

Wondering what to do with all of the sea glass or shells you collected on your summer vacation? Turn them into a beautiful, one of a kind resin coaster set! This makes a walk along the beach a treasure hunt of the very best kind!


Summer Nature Crafts


DIY flower press

Learn how to create a simple DIY flower press to preserve all of the summer flowers you find! It’s quick, affordable, and so easy you can do it with kids, too. 



Pressed flower bookmarks 

Gather some pretty things on a nature walk and turn them into a beautiful bookmark! Love this easy and quick DIY. 





Ooh and how about trying a bubble snake maker too! 

Tropical placemats – summer nature crafts hit that sunshine vibe

Use hosta flower stems to make these easy placemats. You’ll be surprised at how strong they are and how long they will last! 




Weave a beautiful willow crown

In this simple tutorial, we show you how to weave a beautiful, rustic willow Crown which you can then decorate with flowers.


Make cards with flower ink for your summer nature crafts 

Here’s how to pound flowers onto paper for beautiful but cheap botanical prints!



Leaf art 

A look at how to create leaf art by putting pressed leaves in document frames



DIY painted rocks

I love this easy and super clear tutorial

 Making DIY painted rocks is so much fun and an easy craft for the whole family to get involved in. 


Summer Nature Crafts



Flower art is perfect for summer nature crafts 

This beautiful peace art is decorated with flowers and actually you could take any line drawing and decorate it with flowers…isn’t it just so pretty 


Summer Nature Crafts


Follow my -board Nature Craft and Play on Pinterest for a ton more ideas


Summer Nature Crafts


Summer nature crafts with sticks

 I am gong to end by sharing with you one of my favourite summer nature craft – nature craft windows which you can make anywhere on the beach, on a park, in your garden – anywhere! (and which actually you can make any time of the year!)  These make the most beautiful gift for passers by too – g free art or land art is juts such a brilliant and giving community act I think.




Over to you 

I do hope you enjoyed this post on summer nature crafts – do you have any you would like to share with me?

If you do please pop me a link to your favourite summer nature crafts below or f you don’t have a blog please describe them too me. Collecting craft ideas makes me super happy and I love to hear your inspiration! 

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