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Summer Sports for Kids

Have you been thinking about summer sports for kids? Do you wonder how to get kids active in summer?


Summer Sports for kids are the Best

Summer is a great time to get fitter as there is less chance of the rain, snow and strong winds that you have to endure during winter. When the weather is poor it can be difficult to motivate yourself to do exercise, and if you can’t find the motivation to exercise your children may also be less inclined to become active.

You should therefore use the summer months to get your children active, to get them enjoying exercise so that they will want to continue with it even when the weather isn’t as good. All it requires is a bit of encouragement and support from you for your kids to abandon their games consoles and get outside and breathe in the fresh air.


Summer Sports for Kids


What are the best summer sports for kids?

There are a whole host of activities for you and your children to participate in, particularly when the weather is good and you are able to go outside.


Summer Sports for Kids


Walking is a brilliant activity which doesn’t require a great deal of fitness and so can be a useful starting point as it can be used to build up stamina. You can take your children walking in the countryside or into town, but as long as they are moving at a reasonable pace they will soon feel the benefits.



Cycling is also an activity which you can enjoy doing with your kids, and there are certainly plenty of routes for you to choose from that can be adapted to meet your fitness requirements and the amount of time you have available. If you don’t always have time to go on family bike rides, you should think about encouraging your children to cycle to the park with friends.


Summer Sports for Kids


Park summer sports for kids

When at the park, whether you are there or not, children are able to play football, tennis, cricket, rounders, or engage in a range of other activities. They may even just run around chasing each other or use the play equipment available. If you decide to accompany your children you can find yourself becoming part of the action, too, and even having fun!


Indoor summer sports for kids

If it’s too hot for you to go outdoors you could always consider taking your children swimming or getting them to participate in indoor activities where air conditioning is available so that aerobics or martial arts are two possible activities to look into.


Summer Sports for Kids above all should be fun

The most important thing, though, is to get your children enjoying physical activity so it becomes something they actually want to do rather than feeling as though they are being forced to do it. If they get into the habit of being more active in summer and engaging in these summer sports for kids it will be much easier to continue exercising even when the weather turns cold. Clearly, having physically active children is important, since regular exercise can help improve their health and overall well-being.


Summer sports for kids – over to you

Tell me about the  summer sports for kids your children engage with or like the best. I love to y hear form you so please do drop me a comment below and join in the conversation.



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