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The New Look Sunday Times Magazine Review

The Sunday Times Magazine was launched with a brand new redesign this weekend and I was just delighted to get my hands on a copy.

Today (despite being Valentines) has been rather busy in our house. Football for both kids this morning followed by a speedy lunch and a rather huge woodland walk this afternoon. A walk which saw brilliant sunshine, sleet and rain!  How very English.

For our walk we went to Hodsock Priory in North Notts, famed for its snowdrops.


Despite the wondrous snowdrops it was rather lovely to get back in the warmth away from the chaotic British weather and settle down with a read of the fabulous new look Sunday Times Magazine.

ST2, sunday times magazine review

I have to confess  I have never read this before.  We are Observer readers normally but very happy to try something new.

My daughter is a BIG Taylor Swift fan so I was intrigued to read the article about her PR machine and rather saddened too. You are strong enough to take criticism Tay!

It was time for a relax so I headed for a hot bath with Dita von Teese  and was surprised to hear what a homebody she was and so sedate!


My favourite article was by the always fabulous India Knight about gentle loving and how she is done with cynicism. Me too India, me too.


I also loved the new Life section, I have an adventurer friend who was bitten on the bum by a bear and saved by her dog so the bear attack feature fascinated me. Ooh and it was very interesting to read about Ruby Wax and her husband Ed and their thoughts on each other.


I thoroughly enjoyed recovering from our busy day with the eclectic, entertaining and interesting new look Sunday Times Magazine.

I will definitely be buying it again.




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