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3 Best Ways to Help Your Teen Be More Confident

Best Ways to Help Your Teen Be More Confident.


Helping Your Teen to Be More Confident

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Best Ways to Help  your Teen to Be More Confident

Do you ponder how to go about Helping Your Teen to Be More Confident?

You probably remember how it was to be a teenager and trying to get comfortable with your own appearance. It doesn’t really matter if we were athletic, chubby, scrawny or skinny either – everyone has their own issues and seemingly something they are unhappy with.

Some teenagers struggle a bit more than other, though, and simply won’t be happy with what they see in the mirror. While you, hopefully, think they are beautiful and deserving of all the compliments and attention in the world, they might not feel that way about themselves.

Luckily, you can do a bit more to help them out besides simply telling them that they are beautiful or handsome; it just doesn’t really count when it’s coming from their parents, in a way. Here is a handful of ways to help your awkward teenager to a bit more confidence when they look in the mirror so that they can finally see what you see.


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First: What’s the problem?

Sometimes, being a teenager means that we’re going to need an extra boost of confidence once in a while. If your teenager is lacking this and you can’t possibly see a valid reason behind it, you might want to focus on building up their self-esteem by signing them up for sports activities or something else where they can achieve something.

Being comfortable with your own body means that you should also be happy about what it’s able to achieve – and not just what it looks like. They will grow into loving themselves as they grow up and, in the meantime, they’ll be able to enjoy a sense of achievement with sports or other hobbies.

If they do have an actual problem that makes them lack confidence, such as irregular teeth, weight gain or acne, you should definitely take this seriously and try to help out. Get them to the Orthodontist for some braces, sign them up for an appointment with the dermatologist, or have a chat about what they can do to manage their weight.

Make sure that you approach this sensitive issue carefully, though, and without damaging their self-esteem any further.


Talk about self-acceptance when Helping Your Teen Be More Confident

A part of growing up is accepting our appearance and loving ourselves for who we are and what we look like. Telling your teenager that he or she is beautiful or handsome is, of course, a part of giving them a healthy foundation – and you can never really give them enough compliments, after all.

Talk about the difference between what they see on social media and what people look like in real life as well, by the way, and go through some of those articles online that shows how distorted our views on appearance and bodies can be.

People come with all sorts of flaws and regular bodies can be perfect in their own way even if they are chubby, saggy, skinny.


Helping Your Teen to Be More Confident

Helping Your Teen to Be More Confident in their appearance

Your teenager will learn, sooner or later, that a truly confident person tends to be so regardless of their appearance – and it’s usually the skills they have and their achievements that determine their level of confidence.

That’s why it’s so important that your teenager is praised for the work they do at school as well as their efforts in sports and other hobbies so that they learn that it’s not all about looks, after all, and attractive people can have low self-esteem as well.


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Helping Your Teen to Be More Confident




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