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A Surprise Smiggle Haul

A Surprise Smiggle Haul

Do you know why Smiggle is called Smiggle?

It stands for when a smile meets a giggle. The perfect name for this fun store.

Last week we were absolutely delighted (and I mean DELIGHTED) to receive a mystery package from Smiggle to review). It is undoubtedly one of my daughter’s favourite stores to visit. Filled to bursting with colourful stationery, bags, lunch bags, bottle and a whole array of goodies.

I get pretty excited about visiting too. You can probably imagine there was a lot of excitement in our house about making this vlog.

Would you like to see what was in our mystery parcel?



A Surprise Smiggle Haul

I think you can tell we were both absolutely over the moon with the contents.

The little pocket pals mini journals are my absolute favourites and at £6 I think they are a really great price. They come in a box & each one has a different character and theme ( kindness, favourite, gratitude) These all encourage kids to both think , write and express their feelings. As well as the journal you get a scented badge, bookmark, scented stickers, dice template & game piece. There are 8 to collect in all and I  think these are a fantastic gift idea.

Surprise Smiggle Haul


One of my favourite things about the Smiggle range is that is really good quality and it doesn’t only look good but it is also really well made.

I also love the age appropriateness of Smiggle, it is fun, fashion forward, vibrant and colourful but it is NOT too old for the age it aims at and that is very refreshing!

There is currently a great sale so do check out the website, where you will also find Smiggle TV and a whole range of fabulous free Smiggle downloads to keep your child busy – brilliant if you were hosting a Smiggle themed party or just for a bit of summer holiday boredom busting!






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