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Sustainable Travel Tips

Are you looking for sustainable travel tips? I have some great ones here for you today, some less obvious than others, but all of them important.

Let’s take a look.


Mono packing cubes

Monos products are fantastic. They are a great eco-aware company who have partnered with Climate Neutral to measure, offset, and reduce their carbon emissions in every aspect of their business. Sustainability is at the core of the Monos ethos and this is why I am so happy to shop with them. You can read more about Monos and Sustainability here

The Mono packing cubes reduce the need for excessive suitcases purchases and help you travel lightly. Packing cubes work by keeping your clothes really neatly organised and well  compressed. Packing cubes are essential for a lighter travel experience. Like all Monos products these are made to last. They use premium nylon twill and TPU-reinforced mesh to withstand wear and tear.No cheap material here and of course longevity is so much better for the environment, avoiding excessive manufacturing and landfill.



Sustainable Travel Tips


Sustainable Travel Tips



Carry on suitcases

When you travel with a carry on suitcase and keep your packing small you are reducing your carbon footprint. You are also much more able to use public transport when you get to your destination or even to get you to the airport than if you were lugging around large suitcases and extra bags,

Monos sell beautiful carry on suitcases built to last and they are super stylish to boot. 


Sustainable Travel Tips



Travel less

Yes, one of the most important sustainable travel tips is to travel less. You can do this by making the very most of the place you live and having lovely staycations. Or  you could try making your trips so special and memorable you take less of them. Reducing travel reduces emissions, it really is that simple. 


Stay in sustainable accommodation

Camping leaves little impact and camping isn’t your thing then upgrading to glamping brings a little bit of luxury with low environmental impact. It is also worth checking out environmentally friendly hotels proud of their eco-credentials.

If you aren’t sure about their eco-friendly practices it is well worth taking the time just to ask 


Sustainable Travel Tips


Be eco -considerate

The little practices you do can really add up when it comes to sustainable travel. Here are some small but important things: 

  • Reuse towels after have used them  hotels and hang them up to dry rather than leave them out to be taken away.
  • Shop at independent local stores, 
  • Take showers rather than long baths it saves so much water – baths use up to 70 gallons of water, while showers use just 10-25 gallons. HUGE difference
  • Don’t buy lots of plastic tat that well end up in landfill but do support local makers
  • Eat at local restaurants and try local food rather than carbon emitting imported foods.

I think the focus has to be though on being part of the solution and avoiding being part of the problem.

So yes to offsetting air miles when we do fly and no to disposable fast fashion luggage.

The climate needs us to embrace sustainable travel tips and put them into action. 


Do you have any Sustainable Travel Tips you would like to add to my list?


Sustainable Travel Tips is a collaborative post 

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