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Sweet Hampers Make the Best Sweet Gifts

I have this thing about sweet hampers.

The best sweet gifts are ones that come beautifully packaged.

I love to receive bouquets of flowers and gift hampers full of goodies.  There is something so lovely about a gift being well presented..it feels like  little bit of luxury, oh and made doubly more fabulous if it comes delivered through the post – such a  massive  treat.

I always want to hug our postie when she turns up with a surprise gift it just makes my day.

Do you get all excited about beautifully wrapped and presented surprise gifts? My husband will say to me you are 50 not 5 but I don’t care age is but a mere number when it comes to gift packages



The best Sweet gifts 

 I do believe age is also just a number when it comes to loving sweets. I love sweets – yes, absolutely love them and they make me happy. I am always on the hunt for the best sweet gifts. Not juts for myself though I hasten to add I like to give them too. Everyone loves sweets don’t they and if you are unsure what to buy somebody you really cannot go wrong getting them sweeties. 

The sweet hamper company sell scrumptious sweet gifts in array of lovely packages including sweet hampers and bouquets. 

 Perusing their site the ones that most took my fancy include the following … are you ready to be tempted? 


Huge American Sweet and Chocolate Hamper

In my teens and early 20’s I worked for 5 years at Camp Friendship, an American summer camp set in Minnesota. One of my favourite finds whilst I was there was their candy! Delicious. So this huge  American  hamper packed full of American treats really appealed to me.

It would be such a nostalgia hit. 


Sweet Hampers


The Huge American Sweet & Chocolate Hamper contains:

Nerds Rainbow Theatre Box
Jolly Rancher Sour Gummies Theatre Box
Mike & Ike Mega Mix Theatre Box
Sweetarts Twisted Rainbow Punch Ropes 
Jolly Rancher Fruit & Sour Flavours Hard Candy
Everlasting Gobstopper Theatre Box
Jelly Belly American Classics Jelly Beans Bag
Swedish Fish Original Red Candy Theatre Box
Charleston Chew Chocolate Bar
Tootsie Roll Bar
American Pick N Mix Cup 200g
Oh my goodness what a fabulous selection.

Vegan Sweet hamper

My daughter is vegan and shopping for sweets gets old! There are just so many she cannot have due to certain colourings and gelatine – it is a problem. She has a sweet tooth and like all kids loves her sweeties.
But never fear! The Sweet Hamper Company  do a vegan sweet hamper that is packed to the brim with goodies – in fact 25 different sweets! 


The vegan sweet hampers are packed in the UK and include

Double Dip x2,

Refresher Chew Bar,

Love Hearts,

Giant Fizzers,

Rainbow Drops x2,

Stinger Bar,

Drumstick Chew Bar,

Parma Violets,

Strawberry Jawbreakers,

Sherbet Dip Dab x2,

Candy Whistles,

Sherbet Candy Cans,

Flying Saucers Bag,

Fruity Pops Original,

Double Lollies x2,

Refresher Chews Lemon Stick Pack,

Refreshers Sour Apple Chew Bars,

Drumstick Chews Original Stick Pack,

Vimto Chew Bar,

Fizzy Cherries x2.


I think you will agree my two top picks from the Sweet Hamper Company look absolutely brilliant. There are loads to choose from and whatever kinds of sweets or chocolate you are into I know you will find something there to love, 

Sweet hampers really do make the best sweet gifts  


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