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Best Swimming Pool Garden – What you Need to Consider

Would you like a swimming pool garden?

I know I would. Just how dreamy would it to step out into your backyard and see the glistening and inviting waters of your own pool set to refresh and recharge you whenever you wanted. 

I live mostly in the UK and I have to say due to our very temperamental summers that it probably not the most practical of places to have a swimming pool garden (though people still do.) 

If I was to live somewhere gloriously sunny though like Australia then you can absolutely bet I would have my own pool!

Would this juts be absolutely the most blissful thing if you lived somewhere with lots of lovely sunshine. The perfect end to a hot working day or a refreshing start to one. I think it would be a super exciting happiness inducing addition to my home to have a swimming pool garden installed in it. 


Swimming Pool Garden



Things to consider in a swimming pool garden 

Here are some of things you should definitely consider if thinking of investing in a swimming pool garden.



I am not a fan  of chlorine I have to admit. It makes my eyes sore and oh it does pretty horrid things to my already naturally frizzy hair and the third thing about chlorine that I absolutely cannot stand is the smell. Yuck, it smells like a toilet or a chemistry lab.

I would absolutely want to upgrade to mineral water in my pool. Mr Pools custom pool builder use mineral water as standard and they say their crystal clear mineral pools are like swimming in distilled water.

Doesn’t that just sound heavenly?



Space in your Swimming Pool Garden

Much as I would love a pool I would also want space. I would want space to sit and dine out in the garden and be able to entertain my friends. I would also want my kids to have room to play – that would matter to me too. So, whilst a big pool would be nice, I would have to carefully consider the space it would take up . 



I would also want to be sure that any pool was safe and so a really good quality builder would be important to me. I would want people that came with good recommendations and discussed safety aspects with me as part of the planning consultation.


Swimming Pool Garden


Cost of a Swimming Pool Garden

Whatever I purchase I always like to be crystal clear about the budget. Did you know swimming pools can bring a great deal of hidden costs due to their pumps? Standard pool pumps can consume as much energy as all other home appliances combined – isn’t that astonishing (and scary!)

By way of contrast variable speed pool pumps can amazingly help cut a power bill by up to 90%, HUGE savings and really useful to know.


A custom swimming pool garden

I would want a custom pool, not  a one size fits all pool but a pool that really accentuated my c garden and fitted my design dream. Hey if you are going to have dreams come try e you ma as awell get them right!


swimming pool garden


A great contractor for your Swimming Pool Garden

 I would want to know builders were going to show up and complete on time and deliver to specification so ideally I would go on great recommendations and find a service that provides it all like Mr Pools does – this makes it a seamless service and there would be much more accountability. 


So there you have it, some  things to consider if you are wanting a swimming pool garden.


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