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Reduce your Living Costs during the Lockdown

Reduce your living costs during the lockdown

Being stuck indoors provides you with a chance to review the way you live and change some things for the better. It is the perfect time to sit down, review your finances and lifestyle, with the aim of reducing your outgoings. Here are a few easy ways to do that.


reduce your living costs during the lockdown


Take the opportunity to reduce your living costs during the lockdown


Reduce what you spend on items that you buy regularly

We all get into the habit of buying the same products from the same places without really thinking about it. Often, this is partly because we like the products or found that they represented good value for money. But, we rarely think to recheck a few months down the line or try something new.

Vape juice is a great example of this. Most of us stick to the same brand. Yet, there are firms out there, like 88 vape that offer a lot more choice and do so at great prices.

So, make a list of the more expensive items or those that you buy every week and shop around to see if you can get them for a better price. Often, you will be able to do so.


Try growing your own & reduce your living costs during the lockdown

Give growing fruit and vegetables a go. It is a lot easier than you think. Even if you do not have a garden it is still possible. Most vegetables and some fruits grow really well in pots. If you want to grow lots of plants in a very small space, you can still do so. This short YouTube video shows you how to turn a wide plastic pipe into a strawberry tower. Once you have made one, you can make more and plant vegetables in them.

Potentially, you can use the seeds you get from supermarket produce to grow your own plants. But it is safer to order some from the internet. If you choose the heritage varieties, you will normally be able to save the seeds and grow new plants from them each year.

Here are some more tips on how to save money on groceries


Try to cook more & reduce your living costs during the lockdown

Doing more cooking instead of ordering lots of takeaways is one of the fastest ways to save money. Later, when you get good at it, you could even consider using your skills to cook for others and get paid. It is amazing how many huge food brands have started life as kitchen businesses. If you would like to learn more about setting up that kind of home business, you can do so by clicking here.


Reduce your living costs during the lockdown by having a cleanout

Being stuck at home provides you with the perfect chance to have a bit of a cleanout. Go through every room sorting out what you no longer need. Bag or box it all up. Later, when the lockdown is finished, you can potentially sell it to make yourself a little extra cash. Or, if you prefer, give it to charity to help those less fortunate than yourself. Cleaning out all your stuff will also encourage you to spend less in the future. There is nothing more sobering than seeing a big pile of stuff that you did not really need to buy stacked in the corner.


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