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THAT GIRL Trend Inspired Interiors Style – TIKTOK #ThatGirl

Are you contemplating That Girl trend inspired interiors?

From slicked back buns, dewy skincare and curated style, That Girl is bringing main character energy and taking TikTok by storm.  

With almost 12.7 billion views of That Girl inspired content on the platform, and counting, this trend is all about prioritising self-care, aspiring to a simple but oh-so stylish life, lived out as your own main character. 

From clean aesthetics to aspirational bedscapes, interiors expert at furn.com, Darcie Hewitt- Dudding, is here with advice on curating main character energy in your own home and transforming any interior into a space That Girl would be proud of. 




What is the That Girl trend?

The #ThatGirl hashtag on TikTok has over 1.3 billion view.  The ‘That Girl’ trend is all about self-improvement,  awesoime productivity and focussed mental health practice. 


THAT GIRL Trend Inspired Interiors Style

Lets take a look at all you need to know 

THAT GIRL Trend Inspired Interiors

Focus on simplicity to be That Girl 

First and foremost, that girl keeps things simple – this trend is all about creating an aspirational but attainable lifestyle with minimal fuss or drama. Darcie’s advice is to invest in simple quality pieces with clean lines and focused style. Think minimalistic furniture, modern art and refined materials for your soft furnishings. 


Explore texture to embrace the That Girl Trend

Texture is a great way of keeping things interesting in a simple and focused colour scheme. Darcie comments: “Layering multiple textures immediately adds a little something extra to your home, helping to create the luxe lifestyle we’re after with this aesthetic. Layer up quality cottons, boucle and woven fabrics through cushions and throws to create a more sumptuous and tactile space.” 


Curate your bedscape for that girl trend inspired design

Use your bed as the focal point of your bedroom – creating the base for which all other elements of your bedroom will pull from. For creating a bedscape Darcie recommends: “Play with texture whilst sticking to a central colour theme. Elevate your bed with a tufted duvet set and simple throw cushions with interesting texture like boucle or velvet. This will create a more visually interesting space without appearing overly styled. Finishing touches like the pillow chop are out – instead, an artfully strewn throw or blanket creates a more lived-in look.”   

Once you’ve created your perfect that girl bedscape, Darcie recommends incorporating additional elements to make your space feel like a wellbeing haven.  She says: “The average person spends one third of their lives in bed so creating a space that is relaxing and beneficial to your overall wellbeing should be a priority.”  

She continues, “Make your bedroom a hub of wellbeing by incorporating aspects of self-care that speak to you. Put a diffuser with essential oils on the bedside table to keep calming scents close when resting. Keep key skincare close to your bed as well – hand creams, eye masks and pillow sprays are all calming additions to your bedroom to make resting and sleeping a more relaxed experience.” The overall concept of prioritising wellbeing both physically and mentally is at the core of the that girl ethos. 


Embrace soothing colour

Don’t worry, that girl isn’t just about the beige. Lean into earthy tones like terracotta or clay, or go for a pop of pastel to incorporate colour whilst sticking to the aesthetic.  

Darcie recommends: “When incorporating colour, steer away from bold and overly busy patterns or prints – that girl prioritises a calming and soothing space. Choose pieces like an accent rug or cushion to brighten your space while keeping a clean aesthetic. If you choose a colour ensure that it tonally aligns with the rest of your room – avoid colour clashes.” 


Find your signature scent

If it’s good enough for a 5-Star Hotel it’s good enough for That Girl. What says main character energy more than filling your home with your own signature scent? 

Scent is a must when it comes to creating an aesthetic in any room of the house but particularly in your bedroom. There’s no right way to finding your signature scent – choose something that speaks to you and is a smell that you’re happy to have surround you. The key with scent is consistency – you’ll want to choose a scent that can be used throughout the room using candles, diffusers and room sprays as needed.  

For a bedroom signature scent Darcie recommends “a more muted cohesive smell that is clean and fresh whilst not being overpowering.”  


THAT GIRL Trend Inspired Interiors


Shop the That Girl trend  inspired interiors

To recreate this look in your own space Darcie recommends a textured bedspread like the  Manisha Medallion Tufted Duvet Set paired with a boucle throw cushion like the Malham Fleece Rectangular Cushion and paired with a Boho Beige Tufted Throw. 

For accent colour – recreated the look with furn.com’s Folk Flora Rug as the accent rug paired with either the Mangata Velvet Cushion in Ochre or the Eden Slub Cushion in Rose as pops of colour in keeping with the aesthetic. 


So now you know what the The That Girl trend home looks like!

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