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The 5 Essentials of an Elegant Lounge

Oh how I adore an elegant lounge, one that really does look well cared for, sophisticated and just perfectly put together.

It is hard to define elegance isn’t it?

Really I think it s about getting the key ingredients just right.


The 5 Essentials of an Elegant Lounge

In an elegant lounge the key ingredients would have to include the following:


Elegant Lounge

The perfect sofa

Ah no sloppy, over squishy, brightly coloured sofas will do in an elegant lounge. Our sofa would need to be really well structured, made from quality fabric and be timeless in appeal. Ashley Manor Sofas are just right for this look, this Lansdowne Grand sofa just epitomises elegance

A handsome classic with perfectly plumped looks. This statement piece features new luxurious silken fabrics in beautiful damask patterns which are always perfectly matched. Hand finished with rich rope twist detailing and smooth tassel accents for more than a touch of vintage glamour.



It also looks very liveable with doesn’t? Even an elegant lounge has to be practical and comfortable or it just won’t get used and it won’t feel like home.



Lamps in lovely classic designs create little areas of light that give a real sense of atmosphere and elegance to a room, so reading lamps would abound in my elegant lounge. I do like to see a Tiffany lamp. Gold and coppers always look sophisticated so a standing lamp in either metal would fit in perfectly too. Candles also work their magic in creating an elegant ambience.



Flooring in an elegant lounge

I love to see highly polished dark wood flooring and it is such a classic look. Deep pile soft carpets are very luxurious but there is something about wood that just never dates and always looks so good. Rugs can add layers of warmth to a hardwood floor and a vintage rug can be a work of art in itself an a perfect compliment to the room.



Plants have had a huge comeback in recent years as we all try to bring a little bit more of the natural world into our technologically overwhelmed lives.  Healthy, glossy plants make a home look well kept and well cared for and really add a dynamic and vibrant feel to a room. A beautiful plant can look so elegant. Orchids work so well in this respect bringing a touch of the exotic into the home. You also can beat a vase fille dwith fresh flowers, not chirpy cheerful daffodils or gerberas though but instead elegant classic flowers like peonies or lilies or English roses.


Mirrors in an elegant lounge

Last but not least an elegant lounge must have a beautiful mirror. We want as much light in the room as possible and of course we also want to reflect back all that elegance! Nothing trendy, colourful or modern in design byt a classic or vintage mirror that will be unobtrusive and quietly beautiful will pull this room together perfectly.


So these are my ingredients for an elegant lounge, what would you add?


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