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The 5 statement wall design ideas of 2021!

Lets take a look at  the top wall design ideas of 2021

2021 has been a rough year for many people around the world. One of the ways of standing up to the challenges is to introduce bold décor choices into your interior spaces. If that’s part of your plan, there are five statement walls you should consider.


The 5 statement wall design ideas of 2021!

These five trends work well with various flooring types including vinyl flooring tiles and solid wood flooring.


Textured Walls

Textured walls have been in fashion for a few years now and they have become even more popular in 2021.  Textured wall surfaces are achieved using stone, fabric, wood, woven material, and decorative molding among materials. They give interior spaces a more edgy look and introduce a three-dimensional feel to space.



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Abstract Art

Abstract Art can bring a dull space to life while also adding character and a personal touch at the same time.  And life-affirming, unique, personalized atmospheres are in demand for 2021 as people seek to overcome the many global challenges that have been besetting the world, especially since the onset of the global COVID19 pandemic.


Accent Walls – wall design ideas of 2021

Although they are not new on the interior decorating scene, accent walls remain popular in 2021. An accent wall is that one (or sometimes two) wall that stands out boldly. This may be because it has a different colour or texture from the other walls in the room. Accent walls are sometimes achieved by using material such as wallpaper or paint. Accent walls are perfect for delivering bold statements in your interior space. An accent wall in a honeycomb pattern for example is a great idea to add oomph to a bedroom’s interior décor. Like textured walls, accent walls add a three-dimensional element to the interior space.

The 5 statement wall design ideas of 2021!


Edgy Wall Paint Jobs

Another popular 2021 home décor trend is the use of modern paint jobs such as geometric patterns, stripes, checkered patterns, and stenciled patterns inspired by Asian and African culture or a combination of these patterns. They can function as backdrops for beds, entertainment areas or even workspaces.


Wall design ideas of 2021 – Multi-purpose Walls

2021 has seen further expansion of work-from-home arrangements and consequently an accompanying rise in the use of multi-purpose walls as homeowners aim to strike a balance between functional and comfortable spaces. It is therefore quite common to find a wall that converts into an office or functions as one in many homes around the world. Such walls have, among other things, storage for work supplies or fold out tables installed.

2021 is the year for reclaiming control of your life and living spaces and these wall design trends are perfect for doing just that.


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