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The Amazing Benefits of a Rotating Bed

I was recently commissioned by Mobility Furniture Company to give my thoughts on the topic of a rotating bed and it got me thinking about furniture and what we need from it.


What we want from a home

 I am a firm believer that our homes should be our sanctuaries. They should be a place we feel relaxed, secure and happy. This is why I write so much about interiors, about letting light into the home, about plant care and wallpaper and the use of colour.

Aesthetics makes such a difference to our well being and how much we enjoy and appreciate our homes.

But  it is really important that in practical terms our homes meet our needs too. They should be accessible, efficient spaces that make us feel comfortable and function as they should to make life as easy as possible for us. 

So what does an efficient and productive home look like? Well, to me, it looks like one that is adapted to the needs of the owners. Cupboards will be at the right level, grab rails will be placed where they are needed and their will be stair gates if younger children are around.



We all have different needs and requirements and our homes and furniture should reflect that. We should not be struggling in our own homes. It raises the risk of potential accidents and makes life both hard and uncomfortable if our home does not meet our needs. 

Let me give you an example of the kind of product that can make all the difference when addressing individual need. 


A rotating bed

Brands like The Mobility Furniture Company  strive to ensure that furniture meets the needs of the customer and they have some brilliant options. Their turning bed is so cool and it is an absolutely ingenious product that makes getting into bed, for people with mobility issues, both safe and comfortable. 

The Bingley rotating bed has a mattress that forms into a chair that allows the user to enter or exit the bed with ease – it is programmed for the user so they can sleep the way they always have.


Rotating Bed

It is has a host of amazing features including:

  • Bed-to-chair function allows unassisted transfer to and from bed
  • Retains all the benefits of a standard adjustable bed
  • Five-section slatted mattress support allows for multiple comfortable positions
  • Mattress (and two sheets) included
  • Transfer can be set up to the left or the right
  • Lift-and-lock timber side-rails

It looks just like a regular bed too and nothing like a hospital bed which is wonderful in a family home. Such a wonderful product that can change someone’s life and make bedtime lovely rather than stressful. 

What I most love about products like this is that they really enable people to maintain their dignity and independence and really reduce the need for carers, early bedtimes a or partner support. 

Products like these Rotating Bed are empowering and they allow people freedom to live their lives on their own terms by reducing their dependence




Isn’t this rotating bed just  incredible – and such an investment into independence. I love it! 

For your home to work for you, your furniture has to work for you too and I think the rotating Bingley bed is a brilliant example of this in action. 



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