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The arrow and the song

The arrow and the song

I love this poem by Longfellow.

It reminds me that what we do and what we send out there in the world lives on.We can hurt hearts and scar or we can uplift others long long after we have stopped thinking about our actions.

How does this poem resonate with you?

I love to read and talk about poetry yet it seems such a dying art form doesnt it. but just maybe by sending this out there it will fall with you and you might write me a little comment back about how it impacted you.

I love to read poems to my children and I still love to make them up. I have actually written a poem story about a little girl and positive thinking which was a joy to write. My kids can both recite the owl and the pussycat one of my most favourite of poems, that I insisted they learn whilst small!

Luckily the love it too..I am not a tiger mother. Maybe in teaching them and reading to them my arrow will resonate.

We must always shoot arrows into the air. May yours fly with a good wind and land somewhere it will be well appreciated .

God speed arrow,

The arrow and the song


The arrow and the song


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