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The Artful Garden: Shape the Landscape

Having a garden is a unique advantage. And if decorated with care, it can easily become your favourite area of the home. But designing a garden or a landscape involves much more than just well-placed plants. Your garden should be cosy and inviting and if you want to add a unique charm to it, it may be time to introduce garden art and show your personality and style.  

If you want to revamp your garden and give it an artistic touch, outdoor statues and sculptures are a great way to complement your existing garden features and create a harmonious look. If carefully chosen and placed right, the garden statues can enhance the look of your outdoor space and create a beautiful atmosphere.



How to Choose Your Outdoor Statues

A statue can be an excellent addition to your garden as it can accent the already existing elements or create a focal point. You can find an extensive range of garden statues and select the perfect finishing touch for your outdoor space. But choosing the right garden sculptures and statues might be a daunting task, so here are a few tips that may help you narrow down your options.


Think About Statue Placement

If you want your outdoor statues to add a touch of sophistication to your home exterior make sure to find the right place for each one of them in your garden. Depending on the type of your garden, you can put them between decorative plants, duck them behind shrubs and flowers, or have them stand next to a tree. A well-placed garden statue can highlight certain parts of your garden and create interest by breaking up the monotony of planting, particularly during the winter months, when your outdoor space may look sparse.


Decide on Statue Style

You want to select statues that will match the style of your garden. If you want a more formal look for your garden, you can opt for classical Greek and Roman statues replicas. Typically, these include full-bodied statues, human height or even taller. For a natural garden that doesn’t follow the restrictions of a formal one, you can choose from a range of statues, from classical to whimsical to modern and contemporary. Some of the most popular options are animal statues, mythical statues, religious statues and sculptures.




Replicas of ancient Roman and Greek statuary add a touch of classicism to any garden and there are many historical figures from different eras or cultures you can choose from. 



Angels, cherubs, Jesus, Virgin Mary, St. Joseph, sitting, leaning, laughing or standing Buddha and more, are all intriguing figures who can add some depth and sacredness to an already flora-filled environment and will surely start a conversation. Interestingly, one of the most recognisable characteristics of the Roman garden was that it was full of statues depicting sacred entities, but which were picked for decorative purposes. You too can make your garden more divine with the help of such statues and get a place where it’s easier to connect with your inner world, meditate or pray. 


Garden Statues



Statues of children playing, reading or working in the garden are popular these days as they add a relaxing, calming, daydreaming vibe and can easily bring back beautiful childhood memories. Some of them have a historical significance as well.



Animal statues can add a playful natural vibe and refresh your landscape in a unique way. They fit well into most gardens and you can choose from a wide range, including small animals such as rabbits, birds, cats and dogs, or maybe something more exotic if that appeals to you, such as a lion, hippo, gorilla or giraffe.



There are many different types of sculptures you can choose from, whether abstract, geometric or both. A sleek and graceful contemporary sculpture of a couple can be a great addition to your garden area, to memorialise the love between you and your partner and celebrate love every day.


Consider Statue Size

If you are working with a small garden, there are a few simple ways to turn it into a lovely retreat, and creating a green corner with statues about 20 to 30 cm tall can make your garden more intimate. They can be used in flower beds, garden niches and any area where you want to draw the visitor’s eye deeper into the plantings. 

But if your garden is spacious enough, you can choose larger statues that can turn into instant focal points regardless of where you choose to put them. You can place them in areas of your garden such as the entrance, a water fountain or pool, or unusual plantings.


Garden Statues

Choose Materials Carefully


Stone has been the most commonly used material for garden decor since always. It’s obviously durable and indestructible. And even if it shows signs of wear, it will still look good because it gets that timeless, well-aged appearance.



Marble statues also last long and become even more beautiful over time, just like stone ones. Their clean and smooth texture gives a unique appeal to the overall look of various outdoor areas. White marble is the most widely used type and it stands out in gardens characterised by lush vegetation. 



Bronze is another popular material for outdoor decor since it’s long-lasting and can withstand all kinds of harsh outdoor conditions. Statues made of bronze are easy to maintain and one of their greatest advantages is that with time they get an attractive natural green finish that transforms how they look, so you get a completely new decor for your garden. They are usually most suitable for decorating traditional outdoor spaces.


Garden Statues



This is a long-lasting material that looks great, especially in modern style gardens. Metal garden statues made of brass or stainless steel are long-lasting and look amazing, especially in modern style landscapes. But not that some metals are more susceptible to corrosion. Keep that in mind as you will need to take proper care of your metal garden statue to prevent corrosion.


Keep It Simple

Be careful and don’t use too many statues as you will create an overwhelming effect and make your outdoor space feel cluttered. When in doubt, keep things simple. Choose a statue that you like, but make sure it complements and adds to the overall look of the landscaping. 


If you choose more than one statue, use them to bring out the flowers, pair similar sets or use them as a background view that will subtly draw the eye. Get creative and turn your garden into an artful space that reflects your style and personality, where you can spend some time away from hectic daily life.

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