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The Benefits of a Modern Conservatory

Today – Benefits of a Modern Conservatory

Conservatories have been a popular home feature for many, many years and homeowners all over the UK have opted for a conservatory extension and never looked back. Of course, they are a fairly large investment so understandably you might be unsure whether to take the plunge if it’s something you’ve been considering.


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The many benefits of a modern conservatory

Here are 5 good reasons why you should stop thinking about getting a conservatory, and just do it,


Extra living space

Above all else, you are extending your home. It’s more space to store your belongings, more space to enjoy and make your own and more space to host guests. Who wouldn’t want that? Whether you use it as a playroom for the children as they are slowly taking over the living room with toys – or perhaps a little haven for you to escape to with a glass of wine in the evenings.

Whatever the reason, a conservatory is a great solution and can be tailored exactly to your needs. I think that such a light, open space deserves to be lived in, so turn it into a second living room with comfy sofas, a bookshelf full of your favourite books, a dining area to eat meals at and a sound system to play music.


A modern conservatory can double up as a greenhouse

Conservatories notoriously retain heat and can feel somewhat tropical and exotic in the warmer months. This makes it the perfect environment for plants to thrive. In fact, this is what they were originally designed for. Whether you want to fill it with houseplants that will thrive in a way they wouldn’t in other areas of your home, or whether you plan growing your own veggies such as tomatoes and peppers – conservatories are ideal for any gardening enthusiasts.


Plenty of natural light

Nothing is better for our mood and health than natural light – and there’s no better way to get that natural light inside your home than with a conservatory. This is something that will really come into play in the winter, when your home feels dark and gloomy. Instead of going for a walk outside and risk getting cold and wet, walk into your conservatory, and you’ll feel as if you’re outside without being exposed to the harsh winter weather.

And in the summer on a beautiful sunny morning when it might not be quite warm enough yet to sit outside with your coffee, your conservatory will do the trick and give you a healthy dose of vitamin D to begin your day.


It’s cosy in the winter

You might think that a conservatory wouldn’t get much use in the winter. They can get very cold, so ensure you heat it sufficiently in the colder months. In fact though, they can be an incredibly cosy place to curl up in on a rainy day. We all know how relaxing it is to hear the wind and rain when you’re tucked up warm in bed… imagine that all around you as you unwind in your conservatory.

To make the most out of a conservatory in winter, perhaps opt for underfloor heating if the budget allows. If not, a few heaters will do. Make the space nice and cosy with rugs and throws to retain the heat.


A modern conservatory adds value to your home

Whenever you make big changes to your home, unless you intend on living there forever it’s a good idea to consider how much value this change will add to your home. The housing market is incredibly competitive and buyers are always looking for that extra bit of something. A well-built and well-maintained conservatory could be the thing that puts you ahead.

When getting the most out of your conservatory and securing that extra value when selling your home on, make sure that your conservatory is the best quality it can be. Opt for anti-glare glass, a glass roof over polycarbonate and good quality concrete for the structure.



Some buyers might want to buy a house and completely change it all. Most buyers, however, will want to buy a house that’s got it all already. A well maintained modern conservatory will be attractive for so many people. They are versatile enough that they can be tailored and made into whatever kind of room an individual needs it to be.


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