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The Benefits of a Swivel TV Mount

I have been looking into the benefits of a swivel TV mount to enable us to have better TV viewing in our home.


Our current situation

My current TV viewing is problematic and needs improving and I have been looking into ways to make our whole TV watching experience a better one.

I recently found a great TV for sale and now our TV sits in the corner of our funny shaped living room on a stand and it is only perfectly in view if you sit in the corner of the sofa on one of the walls. Apart from that it is never perfect. My favourite spot is not that comer of the sofa, my favourite spot is the other sofa by the door. I always like to sit by a door it is a feng shui thing, plus, if I am honest, I have to tell you I am a bit nosy and I like to see what is going on in the hallway!



A wall mounted solution

So yes, our current situation is not ideal.

I have toyed with the idea of a wall mounted TV for some time. I think it would make our room look bigger and stop the corners looking so cluttered. I also prefer the look. I think it is definitely a more modern and minimalist approach and will make it easier for people to see it. But again it is not always the perfect answer. 


The benefits of a swivel TV mount

A full-motion TV bracket or swivel TV mount is the best and most versatile solution for mounting your TV in my opinion and here is why:


Swivel TV Mount


Reflections from sunlight can totally spoil your TV viewing and who wants to have to shut the curtains all them time. A swivel TV mount means you could move your TV out the sunlight whenever you needed to.



My family love gaming and the thought of being able to turn the TV to face where they are sat sounds fabulous to them. You need the perfect view when racing those Mario Karts.


Viewing Benefits of a Swivel TV Mount

I could also see the TV perfectly whilst sat in my favourite corner if we had a swivel TV mount.  I would also be able to view it if I decide to iron whilst watching. Flexibility would be so useful  wouldn’t it?

You can find some great swivel TV mount brackets here.


So I think you will agree there are plenty of benefits to this kind of TV mount. What are you waiting for?

Whether your TV is a  Phillips or Panasonic or indeed any another brand, finding the right TV bracket  or mount for your TV is easy you pop on over to Vogels i and input your model.

Problem solved. 

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