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The benefits of ducted air conditioning

Today – The benefits of ducted air conditioning

What is Ducted air conditioning?

Ducted air conditioning is an air conditioning system that involves a central fan coil. This coil is hidden in your roof and is connected to each of your rooms through a network of ducts. There are a lot of benefits to installing this system. Here are some of the best:

The benefits of ducted air conditioning

The benefits of Ducted air conditioning

Works throughout the house

A Ducted air conditioner enable allows you to cool your entire home, and with some systems you can even set different temperatures in different rooms, at the same time. So for example you may want your kitchen and your bedroom cooler than your bathroom or hallway and this kind of system allows you to make those choices.


Can be fitted in all homes

Ducted air conditioning systems can be installed in new home builds or installed/replaced in existing homes.


Barely visible

Some air conditioning units can look really ugly and clunky hanging out of a wall can’t they but with a Ducted system you simply have a few vents in the ceiling


You can save money

Because of zoning capabilities and the fact you can actually switch some rooms down or even off, not only are you able to meet individual needs in the home but you are alos able to not waste money chilling rooms not in use.


Reduces your carbon footprint

Saving energy with a Ducted system not only saves you money but it can also reduce your carbon footprint which is so important to be mindful of.


The noise

One of my pet hates about air conditioning is the drone particularly at night. So irritating. Some Ducted air conditioning systems are almost silent. How much better is that!


So you can see there a host of positive attributes to Ducted air conditioning that will really benefit your home.


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