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The benefits of home heating oil rather than gas

The benefits of home heating oil rather than gas

benefits of home heating oil


The benefits of home heating oil rather than gas

It’s a common misconception that heating oil is less efficient than gas but this is usually due to older units being installed in homes with insufficient insulation.

With a more modern boiler and just some wool laid out in the attic, heating oil can be just as efficient if not more efficient than gas. Here are some of the benefits of using home heating oil, and once you’ve finished reading you can get a heating oil quote here; emo.ie.


Cheap and efficient

Oil gets hotter much quicker than gas so it will heat your house up a lot faster whilst using less fuel than a traditional gas supply.

So although gas can be cheaper than oil, you need to burn through more of it to get the same amount of energy – so if you use your heating wisely and don’t leave it on unnecessarily, you can save a lot of money on your monthly bills. Oil prices can fluctuate massively which means with a bit of smart shopping, prices can be comparable to gas.

Sourcing your oil at a low price and being smart with your usage can make it a super cheap way to run your house. And monitoring your usage is much easier with oil because you have your own household supply.

Using a private oil supply as opposed to your local gas system means you are in full control of how much you use and can monitor your usage much more closely. Many people find that as a result of this, they can account for every litre and tend to use far less fuel overall. This also means no more nasty surprise bills!

Heating oil can also prolong the life of your boiler. Oil creates less condensation when it is burned, meaning boilers can last up to twice as long as ones that use gas – saving on maintenance and reducing the chance that your boiler might give out at an inopportune time, such as the dead of winter.

The benefits of home heating oil rather than gas


There is a misconception that oil is more harmful to people and the environment but advancements in heating technology mean that oil is perfectly safe to use. The use of heating oil falls well within the Environment Protection Agency’s air pollution standards and it is proven that the burning of it produces no cancer-causing agents.

Any leaks or damage is much more visible than with a gas system – where gas will leak an invisible, scentless carbon monoxide, oil systems will release smoke and coloured gas making a leak much more evident and can be corrected quickly.


Accessibility – The benefits of home heating oil rather than gas

Home heating oil is common in rural or remote areas where the local gas supply might struggle to reach. The benefit of this also means you don’t rely on the gas company for your supply, it gives you the freedom to control your own fuel.

Oil is also in steady supply throughout the year which means they’ll be no scarcity in the winter like you have with gas or propane.

Due to it being an uncommon fuel source it is always readily available with low prices that reflect the lack of competition amongst suppliers.


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