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The benefits of LED lights

Are you aware of the benefits of LED lights?

They really are the way forward in terms of light bulbs and I do believe that one day all out light bulbs will be LEDs Do you have any in your home?


LED lights

I would say we would probably have about half and half but we are working towards having all LED lights by the end of this year.

So what are the benefits….?

Cost and efficiency

Normal light bulbs cost up to 90% more to power per hour. That is rather a huge amount isn’t it!  Plus LED light bulbs last years and years longer than normal light bulbs making the purchase of them a really good investment. But perhaps most importantly is the impact on the environment.

Environmental benefits

The uptake of more energy efficient lighting technology can help combat global warming through carbon emission reductions. LED lighting is environmentally friendly.e

If everyone used LED’s it would slash greenhouse gas emissions by around 200 million tones that s rather impressive isn’t it.

LEDs also have a lower environmental impact as LEDs do not contain any mercury and have a much longer lifetime than traditional light bulbs

So absolutely LED’s are the way forward and it is something we need to adopt as soon as possible before the earth is damaged further.

Where to buy them

LED prices can vary widely so you do need to price compare. Whichledlight.com talks you through all the lighting options and shows you the cheapest places to purchase your lights.

LED bulbs




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