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The benefits of outdoor play tents


Children just love a space of their own don’t they. My two have been building makeshift dens for many years and my daughter in particular loves to do this when she has friends to play.

What she likes most is having that little space and place of her own to play, read, write, chat and plot secret spy missions!. She says it makes it feel like she has ‘her own house’ She has always loved play tents too…little pop up affairs that I can never put down again!

I particularly like the kids to be outside in the summer, fresh air, time way form electronic devises and running around in the grass is exactly what kids need. Outdoor play tents are just perfect for offering shade and respite on a sunny day, for hanging out with friends and for having their own little house.

We recently reviewed the most gorgeous of play tents from Big Game Hunters they have a lovely range. We went for the Aztec as it looked traditional and would be cool for both kids.

It was easy to assemble and I did it myself in about 15 minutes. next time will be even quicker but its pretty sturdy and the canvas has a waterproof coating so it’s going to be outside a while!



I was actually pretty shocked at how straightfoward assembley was I am not know for my skills in practical things!


Isn’t it beautiful. I just love the colours!


My daughter just immediately  fell in love with it and took some sewing in there, spread a blanket and cushions on the ground and took up residence!

It also provided a nice bit so shelter form the unusually sunny weather. She insisted on having her tea in there and has declared she will be sleeping out there as soon as I let her!

I think play tents like this are just fabulous for giving kids a place where they can play imaginative, make believe games, role play taking care of their own little home or even just a little space and privacy to call their own and mess around with their friends. All to be encouraged and not a screen in sight!

Play tents are also a really handy place to put the ball, rounders bat, spy mission secrets, badminton set, etc. away till the next day so you garden does not look like a playground during those summer evenings and so you can pretend to yourself it is tidy!

The Azrtec wigwam (pictured) that we reviewed costs £59.99 and we are thrilled with the quality.




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  1. July 3, 2015 / 3:41 am

    I’ve never seen these tent sets before! I’m sure kids would love to try one out!

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