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The Benefits of Serviced Offices

Today lets take a look at the benefits of serviced offices

Where do you work?

Many years ago as a social services training officer I worked in a big bustling open plan office. It was untidy and chaotic and I really disliked the noise and the clutter. I used to dream of being self employed and working in a lovely, simple, well organised, quiet home office.

Fast track 10 years and dreams do come true and here I am working for myself.


The Benefits of Serviced Offices

work in the corner of my kitchen facing a wall. It is quiet and usually tidy and it is noise free. It does sometimes get very boring working in the exact same spot. Working in my kitchen has made me gain pounds too. Staring at a wall and being completely on my own can be really boring. I get very distracted and potter with housework and watch TV.

The thought of renting an office has appealed to me many times. It would mean I get out of these 4 walls (and the kitchen in particular) I would have co workers and a refreshing environment.


serviced offices, The benefits of serviced offices

Organisations like BE Offices offer serviced offices that provide flexible workspace solutions for companies of all sizes and individuals too. They cater for everything so you simply need to turn up and work. They have meeting rooms, gyms, stocked kitchens, and they have IT connectivity and free calls.

Wouldn’t that be just perfect?

You can rent for as little as a month at a time. I think it would certainly help my diet! and be a really refreshing alternative.

Do you work at home? How do you find it?

Would a serviced office appeal to you ?


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