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The Benefits of Using Natural Oak as an Interior Material

 The Benefits of Using Natural Oak  as an interior material

As part of the continual evolution of interior design trends, there is a clear drive to create more masculine philosophies. This is epitomised by the development of the brand new website tryn.nyc.com, which has been established in the U.S. and looks to explore broader notions of what a distinctly male living space can represent. Part of this movement relies on the use of masculine materials such as natural oak, which immediately offer a clear advantage to home-owners who are also looking to modernise their living space.


The Benefits of Using Natural Oak as an interior material


The Benefits of Using Natural Oak as an Interior Design Material


  • Create a Light and Sleek Interior Finish: Natural oak boasts an extremely light and smooth finish, which is particularly compatible with modern design trends. The light shade of this material is also conducive to creating the illusion of space, especially in rooms that are adjacent to an exterior space and let in a huge amount of natural sunlight. When you consider the compact and often restrictive nature of new-build homes, this is exceptionally advantageous and can ultimately help owners to optimise their living space while boosting the value of their property.


  • Embellish a Wide Range of Design Styles: When you consider oak as a material, it is something that has maintained a timeless appeal throughout the ages. Traditional oak furniture is not only renowned for being resistant to wear and damage over a prolonged period of time, but its simplistic design is also compatible with a diverse array of vintage and contemporary philosophies. This means that home-owners can include natural oak finishes in their properties even as they continue to refresh and update their interiors


  • Add Character to your Home: We live in an age of technological advancement, which has helped to streamline manufacturing and design techniques across a range of industries. While this has helped firms to optimise their efficiency and profitability, however, it has also led to a surplus of mass produced furniture that lacks charm, heritage and genuine character. Oak furniture and flooring bucks this trends, with suppliers like the Reclaimed Flooring Company boasting European engineered oak floors that are stylish and relay a strong cultural narrative.



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