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The Best Baby Shower Venues

Whether it’s the first or fifth time, a baby shower is definitely something to look forward to. It is a great time to share the excitement with friends and family while also receiving some valuable gifts that will help prepare for the baby’s arrival.

The cool thing is that there are a tonne of baby shower venues to choose from. Whether you’re the mum-to-be or are part of the planning process, knowing a few of the best baby shower venues can go a long way.


The Best Baby Shower Venues



One of the most common baby shower venues is local churches. Even if you don’t attend church regularly, it can provide a safe space that is great for events like this. For starters, many local churches won’t charge for the space. They simply ask that anyone renting the room set up on their own and clean up before they leave.

If you don’t mind putting in a little work along the way, it can be a great place to host. Just as importantly, it can help those who are trying to pull off a shower on a budget. Using a local church also means not having to travel very far for the shower which is probably a perk for the future mum.


Local Park

Open public spaces are a good idea for a baby shower for a few reasons. Plenty of parks are free to use, just call ahead to verify instead of assuming. That said, not every park follows these rules, so call ahead before you just assume anything. Even if there is a fee, they are usually budget-friendly.

There is nothing quite like enjoying the company of loved ones with the sun shining down. Keep track of the weather as part of the planning process, though. That’s the one major caveat of hosting an outdoor event: you have to worry about the weather. Still, it can fit just about anyone you would want to invite and keep your budget as friendly as possible.



Restaurants are commonplace for baby showers and for good reason. For starters, it makes feeding everyone a lot easier. Catering can get to be expensive, then you have to provide setup, cleanup, and everything else. Hosting at a restaurant can include catering, giving you one less thing to worry about on the big day.

Restaurants also handle the setup and cleaning. In some cases, they can even handle decorations within reason. And if you want to keep things gender-neutral, just about any restaurant can fit that bill. You might spend a little more at the end of the day, but you can’t deny how easy and convenient it is to have a baby shower at a restaurant.


Tea Room

The majority of baby showers are focused on the mum, which means lots of female friends and relatives. If you are looking to do something unique with your baby shower venue, a tearoom can be the perfect accommodation. A lot of tea rooms are fairly private, so you can feel like you are in your own exclusive event even if there are others in the building.

Tea rooms are also very feminine. With additional decorations, the venue can really appeal to the ladies of the event. Tea rooms also have food options available, just check ahead of time to be sure they can accommodate your party. For larger parties, the menu might be limited but you can counteract that by bringing things like wine, cupcakes, cookies, and finger foods. Tea rooms may create the best ambiance out of any of the venues on this list.



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