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The Best Cleaners For Your Home & Where to Find Them

So who are the best cleaners for your home – is it you?

I tell you who definitely aren’t the best cleaners for my home – my kids! Haha, whenever I set them a cleaning task they do at as quick as a lick and say ‘there you go mum,’ all proud of themselves and erm…it’s not great.

We’ll keep working on that!

I do make them tidy there rooms properly once a week though in preparation for them being cleaned and they still manage to make a song and dance about it.


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The Best Cleaners For Your Home

A few years back I finally admitted that when it came to cleaning my home I had a bit of a problem. I had no interest in doing it, no time to do it or inclination and no enthusiasm. When I did clean I was reluctant and a bit slapdash.

This would not have been so much of a problem if …

  1. I wasn’t so house proud
  2. I wasn’t an interiors/lifestyle blogger with a reputation to live up to
  3. I  lived on my own

I wanted and needed my home to look lovely for my family and for myself and for my blog. So I hatched a plan. The best cleaners for your home? Well readers sometimes they are other people, sometimes you just need to get the professionals in and accept (if you can afford it) that this might well be the best solution.


The benefits of having the best cleaners for your home take over

Oh my goodness the relief to know that once the kids get off to school I can crack on to my work from home job and not worry about cleaning.

It is huge.

Every Wednesday, regular as clockwork, our cleaner arrives and makes our home look lovely again. She is thorough and meticulous and she is quiet and efficient and she transforms our home back into a lovely place to be.

Seriously worth every single penny. I gain calm, peace of mind, time to work and a lovely home from our transaction.


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What jobs would  the best cleaners do?

From a house cleaning Hobart specialist I found this really great list of typical jobs a cleaner might do, but of course, the best cleaners are usually happy to respond to individual requests:

● Vacuuming floors and carpets
● Emptying trash
● Sweeping or mopping floors
● Dusting furniture, windows, and window sills
● Changing linens
● Cleaning kitchen appliances on the inside and outside
● Wiping kitchen cabinets
● Doing the dishes
● Cleaning and disinfecting the bathroom
● Thoroughly cleaning the bathtub, sink, and shower
● Cleaning/organizing the balcony

My best friend has her cleaner change her beds and her inside windows but I have never asked that of mine. It is something to consider because it would save me extra time.


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Where to find the best cleaners for your home

I found my cleaner by recommendation from a family member and yet there are so many different ways to find a good cleaner. I have known people put a card in a local shop window, check out adverts in the paper, look online or even ask their Facebook friends for recommendations for the best cleaners.

Having a cleaner has definitely worked for me.


Over to you & the best cleaners for your home

I’d love to hear your thoughts on cleaning and if you have or ever would have a cleaner? I have to say having had one for a while I truly woudl never now loook bak and try doing it miyself agn – but absolutely each to their own.

if you want to explore this subject further read more about it here.


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