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The Best Free Email Providers for Business


Today – The Best Free Email Providers for Business

Chances are you probably have a Gmail or Outlook account. While the quality and success of both Gmail and Outlook is undeniable, there are a number of viable alternatives. Maybe you are sick of the status quo; maybe you’re not. Either way, you should be educated about the decision you’re making, so here are the best free email providers for business.


 Best Free Email Providers for Business


The Best Free Email Providers for Business

Let’s take a look at the options



Despite being ousted by Gmail as the leading email provider for general use (by a huge margin no less) Microsoft Outlook still retains its crown as the leading email provider for business. 8.5% of businesses were using Microsoft cloud services compared to just 4.7% using Google cloud services.

So why haven’t more businesses switched allegiances to Gmail? Outlook boasts impressive advanced features that others simply can’t keep up with, as well as impressive social media integration. Clutter, for example, locates emails that are likely to be of low priority and transfers them into a separate inbox. Outlook, one of the surviving components of Windows Live, remains a worthy choice for astute business owners.


The Best Free Email Providers for Business


With a minimalist design and an easy-to-use interface, it is easy to see how Gmail has established itself as one of the leading email providers for business. A number of features make it the ideal choice – Google Calendar, Sheets and Docs all function seamlessly within Gmail. From your Gmail account, you can send calendar invites to others for meetings, and invite others to edit and view documents – offering the kind of simple efficiency that saves businesses time and money.


Yahoo! Mail

One of the original email providers, Yahoo Mail has benefitted from years and years of reviewing and refining their service. Today, they provide one of the best email services around. The calendar is a particular highlight. The ease of adding appointments is superseded only by Yahoo letting you know how the weather is due to behave on for the day of your scheduled appointment. Only the invasive ads prevent Yahoo from rivalling Google’s Gmail and Microsoft’s Outlook.


The Best Free Email Providers for Business

AOL Mail

AOL Mail offers you the rare privilege of being able to personalise your own email domain with the MyAddress feature. That is not to say that AOL Mail is unable to back up these quirky features with quality fundamentals – they offer unlimited email storage. Apart from ensuring you’ll never run out of space (as frustrating an experience as any) AOL Mail also allows you to drag emails and drop them into different categories – perfect for organising your emails.



One of the lesser known email services that have nevertheless proven themselves worthy of a spot on this list, GMX is a solid free email provider. Best known for its utility on mobile, GMX allows you to access emails from other services.

What makes GMX interesting though, and distinguishes it from its competitors, is that it gives you the power to dictate how long your email messages are stored before they are deleted. Spam emails, for example, can remain there for as many as days as you want them to.


The Best Free Email Providers for Business

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