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The Best Skin Care in Your 50’s – Vinotherapy

Skin care in your 50’s I have found, requires a deeper commitment. To keep my skin dewy, plump and youthful I find a I am reaching for better quality, cleaner products  and I am much more careful about what I put on my skin. 


What happens to your skin in your 50’s

In your 50s there’s  a decrease in collagen and elastin production, which lead to a loss of firmness and elasticity and this is why we have to up our skincare game. 

Also in our 50’s, more fine lines and wrinkles appear deeper and more plentiful around our eyes, mouth, and forehead. I know these lines are signs of a life well-lived and full of laughter and expressions (but I like to give them a bit of a helping hand too.) 

Many people find their  skin becomes drier and more prone to dullness in their 50’s and this is because our skin’s natural oil production tends to slow down as we age. 

And all of these skin signs of ageing  demonstrate why it  important to give our skin some extra TLC with hydrating moisturisers as we age. No matter how old we are we all still want to  look and feel our very best. 

Great skin care is a brilliant daily habit to get into to start your day off right and to end it well. 



Vinotherapy Could be the Answer

Caudalie is a paraben-free cosmetics brand, with active ingredients from the vine. They are the pioneers of Vinothearpy.  Vinotherapy is new to me and I have to say I find it absolutely fascinating. 

All the Caudalie  products are made from natural ingredients from vines and grapes. It is  both a clean and natural brand, and eco-responsible too. As a beauty product producer it ticks all my boxes! 

But why vinotherapy?

Well did you know that grape seeds contain the most powerful antioxidants in the world?  Amazing right? This is why wellbeing based on grape and vine products are the cornerstone of Caudalie skincare – let me explain what their products include.




Grape vines can apparently live for 100 years, how cool is that!

This is due to the naturally produced resveratrol that helps the vine’s natural defences and ability to regenerate. Vinotherpy uses this natural ingredient to help skin regenerate and to protect it. Caudalie were the first to patent this natural active ingredient with firming and anti-ageing properties.



Viniferine is the sap that runs from the vine stalks. It fades dark spots on the hands and face and can restores skin’s natural radiance – perfect for the ageing skin and a base for Caudalie anti-ageing products. 


Vinotherapy is powerful stuff!


Face creams

Caudalie’s  face cream range has something for everyone and their creams are suitable for all skin types, from sensitive skin to oily skin, dry skin and acne-prone skin. Their Resveratrol-Lift Firming Cashmere Cream   is No.1 in anti-ageing in France and I think it sounds just what I need!

They also do a range of sunscreen which of course is crucial to wear no matter what your age. Sunscreen is something I always have in my bag to protect my ageing skin against the elements. 




And …

Caudalie don’t only make face creams, they also produce a wide range of best selling fragrances, deodorants, facial oils and serums and pretty much anything you could wish for to take care of your face and your body.  


Ethical skincare

 Not only are all the Caudalie products plant based and naturally sourced but the company itself takes an ethical approach to running their business.  Since 2012, they have planted and protected over 4 million trees around the world to off set production and invest in the planets future. .


Final thoughts 

I think nurturing yourself is so important – you have one body and to take loving care of it is a sign of deep self respect.

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