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The best smart travel tech to take on holiday this summer

With all COVID restrictions on foreign travel now lifted for UK residents, bookings for holidays abroad have started to soar.

After two years of putting things on hold, many people are now looking forward to the adventures they had planned before March 2020.

If you have made plans to get away, here’s our rundown of the best pieces of tech that can help you get the most out of your well-deserved break.


The best smart travel tech to take on holiday this summer

Smart luggage trackers

If you’re travelling with expensive items like laptops or cameras, it can be a nightmare if your baggage doesn’t make it to your destination with you.

That is where the use of smart trackers can come into play. No longer will you be at the mercy of an airline trying to get hold of your lost bags. Instead, you will be able to tell them exactly where they are!

These tags are handy when you’re on your holiday, helping you keep track of items left in your accommodation and ensuring that they are safe.


Phone/camera gimbals

If you’re heading to a scenic spot and want to take stunning pictures and videos to document your trip, gimbals can help you really bring things to life.

More advanced than a bog-standard tripod, gimbals’ mechanisms provide perfect stability. This means you can confidently frame the perfect snap or shoot super-stable videos of your adventure.


VPN for your device

When you’re abroad, you will likely use the public internet a lot to find things that you’re looking for. If this is the case, it’s highly advised that you use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to mask your browsing from potential hackers.

You can use a VPN on your Mac or any other computer for digital protection when on the go.


Travel power bank

Your idea of a perfect holiday may be lounging on the beach. Or perhaps you prefer active adventures, racking up tens of thousands of steps on an adventure holiday. A power bank means you don’t need to worry about your devices losing charge whatever your preferred trip or location.

Your phone can help you if you get lost, translate a foreign language, and even help you pay for things. So, this is a crucial bit of kit to include for any kind of travel.


The best smart travel tech to take on holiday this summer

Slim travel card holder

A slim travel wallet won’t stick out if it’s in your pocket or bag, meaning it won’t attract the attention of would-be thieves. Many are also wearable under your clothing for extra safety.

Some even come with RFID-blocking technology so that even the more elaborate of scams will fail. And you can keep hold of your holiday spending, without the fear of having your trip ruined.

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