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The best smartphone games to accompany you on your next holiday


The best smartphone games


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Travelling isn’t always fun. It’s obviously enjoyable most of the time, but there can be periods where you’re stuck waiting for a delayed coach, or the weather has forced you to take cover indoors. That’s exactly when modern technology can come in handy. 

In fact, the vast majority of modern-day travellers take some form of technology-based product with them on vacation. Some people read e-books or keep tabs on their favourite blogs, while others might keep up to date with the latest Amazon Prime documentaries or watch their favourite YouTubers online. Another popular choice is smartphone gaming, largely because most of us have a mobile phone with us during an adventure away.

The number of games available in this space is vast, too, with casino gamers able to enjoy slot games like 9 Masks of Fire, while others prefer releases from different gaming genres like Among Us, and even titles like Pokemon Go for its open-world, immersive offering. The options don’t end there, though. Below is a look at some of the other games worth checking out right now.


Minecraft: Pocket Edition

A popular PC game with a hugely dedicated and loyal following behind it, Minecraft is now available to play on a mobile device. In Minecraft: Pocket Edition, it serves up the usual open-world exploration offering, which people have come to expect from the Minecraft series of games, but it has been neatly adapted for a smartphone device. The game is near its best, although diehard fans of it will be sad to see a lack of mods. Still, for a smartphone release, it certainly offers excellent detail and an all-around great gaming experience.


Stardew Valley

A well-liked farming simulation game, Stardew Valley is a pleasure to session. Essentially, you play as a farmer who has inherited a plot of land. From there, the aim of the game is to turn your acquired land into a thriving farm that is brimming with life. You tend to the crops, feed the animals, and ultimately make sure everything is in working order. You’ll enjoy this one.


Altos Odyssey

Endless runners have always been popular, but not many of them can touch Alto’s Odyssey and its beautiful design. The game is fast-paced and all-action as you travel right on a 2D screen and aim to make it as far as you can while riding a sandboard. One minute you’ll be riding in a desert, then the next you’ll be trying to stay on course on a treacherous snowy mountain. The game is easy to

Get the hang of and it will keep you entertained for a good few hours.



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Genshin Impact

A truly stunning release with amazing visuals and an all-around solid design, Genshin Impact is a favourite for many smartphone gamers at the moment. An open-world title with gacha mechanics, you can pretty much do anything you want in this exploration masterpiece. Players can climb up walls, swim across rivers, and pretty much everything else in-between. In terms of its graphics and gameplay, you’ll struggle to find a better game on a mobile phone device than Genshin Impact right now.




Monument Valley 2

A pleasurable puzzle game to tuck into for an hour or so, Monument Valley 2 tasks you with guiding a mother and her daughter through a series of tricky architectures. It’s up to you to find the best route possible and get them to safety, although it’s certainly a lot easier said than done. Strategic play is key with this one.

Other games worth checking out are Hearthstone, Mario Kart Tour, and Candy Crush Saga.


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