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The best summer project for teenagers

The best summer project for teenagers

Have you heard of the National Citizen Service?

Well, it is just the best summer project ever for teenagers. I so wish it had been around back when I was in year 11! I am so excited to tell you about it.


The best summer project ever for teenagers, NCS


A summer project for teenagers

When I was 18 I went on camp America. I spent my summer in Minnesota with other young people the same age working with adults with learning disabilities. I still have the friendships I made there some 30 years later, our shared purpose, the hard work we put in and all that fun cemented bonds that have never/will never be broken.

The National Citizen Service (NCS) is a brilliant scheme that is available to all year 11’s from England Northern Ireland, in the school holidays. It involves some brilliant bonding, challenging and socially aware activities such as:

  • outdoor team-building exercises,
  • a residential for participants to learn ‘life skills’,
  • a community-based social action project and
  • end of programme celebration event

This programme costs just £50 including food, travel and accommodation – can you believe it! My gorgeous niece Jasmine did this programme last year and absolutely loved it. In fact, this summer more  100,000 teenagers from different backgrounds will take part in NCS. Isn’t that just fantastic? Bursaries are available as is provision and support for students with special needs.

NCS is a government-backed programme, it has been rolling for 7 years now and so far a staggering 400,000 young people have completed it! Wow – now that is impressive!

Is your teen signed up? If they aren’t do not worry there are a variety of dates with spaces still available so pop over here to sign up for more info. No matter what your family commitments this summer they will do their best to get your teen a spot.

Your teens will love this project. They really will have the best time and learn so much – they will leave the course a better person and a better citizen with life lessons a classroom can never teach!


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