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The best treats from a Confectionery Store

What do you consider the best treats from a confectionery store?


confectionery store


A little history of me and my love for sweets

I have been dreaming about the best treats from a confectionery store and as Christmas looms I do think I need to fine tune my shopping list and get a little order in. 

I have been dieting almost all of 2020 and I have lost 3 stone. I am so pleased and proud of my weight loss but oh my goodness it truly has been hard work I am a huge lover of sugar and bread and denying myself has not been a great deal of fun.

The bread I can live without as it makes my tummy bloaty and it makes me crave more…but confectionery? Oh, once in a while I just have to have it.


confectionery store


Why I love a confectionery store

I guess my love of a confectionery store  dates back to my childhood. My parents did not have lots of money for treats but they would always find 10p for me to have mixed bag of sweeties form our local confectionery store and it was amazing to clutch that little bag of sweeties eagerly anticipating the sugary loveliness inside.

What did I have in my bag?

I had refreshers and black jacks and flying saucers, I had  and toffees and pineapple cubes and my favourite rhubarb and custard sweets. And of course there was always a sherbet pop

I can almost taste them now!

My grandma always bought me sweeties too

My love affair with all things sweet lasted all through my childhood – and then I had a revelation…I spent my first  summer in America. And oh my goodness they really do sweet treats well.


A taste of America

I fell in love with s’mores, gram crackers with chocolate and marshmallow inside, toasted over a camp fire.  For breakfast I encountered the delights of lucky charms and cinnamon toast/ Oh my! It made breakfast super exciting.

Hershey, mountain dew, chocolate covered pretzels – ah they all remind me of summer camp and Minnesota. Just lovely. Reese pieces were probably my absolute faves though! America do sweet treats so well.


Vegan Sweets from a confectionery store 

When I had my own kids sweeties came back into my life in the form of great Grandma who loved to indulge the kids. Age 12 my daughter suddenly and completely committed to becoming vegan though so then we had to sweetie pivot again and go in search of the elusive vegan sweets. We found some good suppliers in the end so her sweet treats never dried up! 


Where to find such treats?

You can find a whole host of American sweet treats at The Lolli Shop  plus vegan sweets and sweeties from your childhood too. I don’y think thee are many nicer ways to reminisce then to taste your memories.


Confectionery Stores around the world – what do you call yours?

In the UK we would call a confectionery store a sweet shop, in a America it would be called a candy store and in Australia a lolly shop.





The best treats from a Confectionery Store is a collaborative post 

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