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The best weekend getaway in Valencia

The best weekend getaway in Valencia – is it something you fancy?

Have you ever visited Valencia? Nope? Me neither, but oh my goodness it is right up there on my bucket list of places I want to visit. Once I have told you some of the amazing things Valencia has to offer and I am sure you will be adding it onto your bucket list too. 


The best weekend getaway in Valencia

So if I was heading for the best weekend getaway in Valencia what would I get up too? Let me tell you what would be on my itinerary. 


The best weekend getaway in Valencia


Visiting the central squares

The squares in Valencia are tree lined and shady with excellent cafes and are just perfect for a spot of people watching. I long to sit there drinking excellent coffee and watching the world go by. 

The most well known square in old town Valencia is  Plaza de la Reina, or ‘Queen’s Square’. I cannot wait to visit!


Wine tasting

If you enjoy wine tasting valencia spain is absolutely the region to try it out. Taking your tour with VisitValencia you get a guided tour of two fabulous wineries plus a gorgeous lunch and a beautiful trip into the Valencian countryside too, really what could be better?
 Sounds pretty perfect to me. 

Mundo Marino

A trip to the  mundo marino Valencia juts sounds amazing  it provides the chance to for sunset cruises, boat trips and all sorts of water sports. Being in the sunshine by the sea – what could be better I would love to visit!


Silk Museum

 And then of course we come to Valencia’s famous silk museum  The building it is housed in dates back to the 15th century and its a wonder in itself. A visit to the museum  will enable you to find out how silk came to València and why it has been so important to the area.
It is a chance to see some beautiful clothes and costumes too.

Valencia Cathedral

 I would love to visit the very beautiful Valencia cathedral where (apparently) the holy grail can be found – the last cup Jesus drank from at the Last Supper.  You can find the most amazing views of the city form the Miguelete bell tower and this is considered one of Valencia’s top attractions. 


The beaches

Much as I love old towns, history, culture, art and the amazing architecture which of course Valencia has in abundance a holiday for me has to include a beach.  I do always love a beach and Valencia has an array of lovely beaches for you to relax on after all that sight seeing.

Just gorgeous. 


How to plan your trip to Valencia

There are lots of tips in this great blog post to show you how to plan your trip It covers figuring out your budget to booking flights to sorting out accommodation. It also addresses packing, minimising risks and researching things to do.  A super handy guide to the best weekend getaway in Valencia


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